Quoting Carroll - Arizona Postgame

Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after USC's victory over Arizona.

Pete Carroll on the win over Arizona

"Really good day for us and a great day for everyone here at the Coliseum. It was a game we had to get down and play well across the board. We needed to execute, especially with a few guys needing to step up, like Mark making his first start and a couple of guys who didn't have too much experience stepping up in big roles. Butch and Tiny did a good job for us, playing hurt the way they did. It was great to get a good win like this. The stadium was awesome at the end. It was just a heck of a day for us."

Pete Carroll on the play of Sanchez

"He is just so energetic out there and fun to watch. This was a wonderful opportunity for him and it was great watching Booty stay in his ear…. It's a beautiful opportunity seized by him and I am really thrilled for him."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight

"Joe McKnight you saw him finally, you got to see what we have been talking about and thinking about. Joe is really starting to show what he is capable of. He took a big step today and I know he will keep showing what he's got. That punt return was exciting and just what we needed…. He's just got magic in him. Right now he's a big play waiting to happen."

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation going into next week

"We just have to see how Booty is feeling. It is a broken finger. We can see the chip in the X-rays. It is something that is supposed to last two, three weeks and Mark did a good job to play, so going into the week he is a starter."

Pete Carroll on the media's expectations:

"Our expectations are much higher. At halftime we were frustrated that we were tied at 10 we were trying to put it back together, but I don't worry about other people's expectations. This was a hard game so we are going to enjoy it."

Pete Carroll on the health of the offensive line

"Am I concerned…How can I not (be). With all the different guys down. I mean even Spanos who didn't practice all week with stitches in his finger, he is one of the healthy ones. Butch and Tiny were hurt all week, but they came up huge for us. Tiny has a bruise over his hamstring that looks like South America."

Pete Carroll on the play of the defense:

"It was a terrific effort by these guys and a really good job at halftime of coming back out and stopping things. I thought Thomas Williams was all over the place today and he was hurt during the week. Defensively we played terrific."

Pete Carroll on if Joe McKnight looked any different this week

"I know what he's got. I feel like I've spoken a lot about him for all his production. This week, though, he looked a little different. He looked a little more assertive and a little more focused, but he is not out of the woods. He still ha that fumble on the toss where he could have just walked into the endzone. If he can continue giving us those big plays, he is going to be big for us in the second half."

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