Desmond Reed interview

WeAreSC caught up with super playmaker, Desmond Reed, 5'9, 175 lbs, out of Temple City. Here's a look at how his season is going and his current thoughts on recruiting.

Reed just has a knack of doing something special whenever he gets anywhere near the ball.  As a junior, he had 58 receptions for 1,266 yards and 15 touchdowns at receiver, 67 tackles and 9 interceptions on defense, and he was also phenomenal on special teams with 4 kickoffs and 3 punts returned for scores.


His success has carried into this year and he is putting up some very impressive numbers once again.  Through four games he already has 6 interceptions, 1 kickoff return for a touchdown, and he has 334 yards on 22 receptions from his receiver spot.  Despite the fact that Reed has had so much individual success so far, Temple City has gotten off to a rough start, "We've been pretty weak," he said.  "We've won one game out of four so far.  I've been doing alright.  I ran back a kick return the first game, the first kickoff of the season.  I also had two picks in that first game and I had one pick last Friday against Wilson.  We just got ran all over in that game though.  They had over 400 yards rushing.  Their tailback had 319 yards and their fullback had like 100 yards.  I had over a 100 yards receiving."


"We play Rosemead this week.  So, we're coming into league now.  We should win league this year.  It's good because we were preparing for league, and the teams we've already played are better than any of the other teams we'll play."


The last time we spoke to Reed, his recruitment was already in full swing and he could boast a number of offers.  Since then, not a lot has changed, "It's been the same really," he explained.  "No new schools have offered me.  I'm talking to the same people every week.  Washington, Washington State, USC, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Wisconsin, and Boise State.  All of those schools have offered."  When asked if he could narrow it down to a list of favorites, Reed came up with a top-4, with a familiar leader, "USC, Washington, Washington State, and Arizona.  My leader is probably SC."


In discussing USC, Reed is particularly impressed with the coaching staff and the game day experience, "I talk mostly to Coach Burns, Coach Sarkisian, and Coach Carroll," he said.  "They've been asking me when I'm going to sign basically, because I go to all of the games and to some of the practices too.  Those are tight.  There's good chemistry between the team and they treat me pretty well when I'm down there.  They're recruiting me for corner and kick returner, and they said maybe a little offense too.  That sounds cool."


"I went to the Auburn and Oregon State games.  That was cool because you get to meet most of the players, and talk to them about their injuries and, you know, tell them ‘that was a tight play,' and everything, and congratulate them.  Everyone was pumped up.  I also met a lot of recruits, the Ting twins, Darnell Bing, Kevin Ross and Rocky [Hinds] from St. Bernards."


Currently, Reed has no interest in committing anywhere early and is determined to take some official visits before he does anything, "As of right now, I want to wait it out.  I haven't scheduled any trips yet, but I need to hurry up and do that." Top Stories