Quoting Carroll - Tuesday Practice

SCPlayBook brings you injury updates and more from Tuesday's practice.

Pete Carroll on John David Booty:

"This was an interesting day here. I am anxious to see what comes of it tomorrow and see how John David (Booty) feels. He actually threw the ball pretty well today and he felt pretty good about it. He probably threw 10-12 balls in team settings today and threw one-on-one's and a lot of stuff. He made it through, now we need to see what happens here. There is no rush to any decision on my part at all. Mark had a good solid day today too and we move ahead."

Pete Carroll on John David Booty's injured finger:

"I was surprised that he felt so good about it. It was really about how he responded and he was anxious to find out. He had the ball in his hands during the day earlier and he said, 'You know I didn't feel much here and there when I was playing with the ball.' I think the gloves the secret."

Pete Carroll on player's returning from injuries:

"We saw Shareece Wright come back. (Brian) Cushing came back and practiced the full practice and did a nice job today. Chilo (Rachal) is going to go tomorrow I think and so as I said earlier today we have a chance to start getting stronger and it feels like it a little bit. Nick Howell was back out today so it's exciting to see these guys return. Rey (Maualuga) couldn't do anything today and we will have to find out in the next couple of days where he sits."

Pete Carroll on Desmond Reed's recovery from his injury at Notre Dame in 2005:

"It's an amazing recovery. He still isn't close to a 100% from the nerve damage that he suffered. But he miraculously last year made it back and he is better than he was last year. I have always been blown away. The doctors just like turned their back on it and said 'we don't even know what to tell you' but somehow he is running and playing.

It's an amazing thing that he's overcome. He just absolutely willed it, he would not accept that he couldn't go right from the word go. His knee recovery was never even a question at all. The ACL stuff and he had a terribly damaged knee and that never even faze him. It was really just this nerve thing that bothered him. How he even rehabbed it without full function of his foot is just amazing."

Pete Carroll on the status of Kyle Moore's knee:

"His knee is sore. He is kind of stiff from the weekend and so we are just giving him a break today. He isn't injured or he didn't hurt it really, he just has a sore knee."

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