Quoting Carroll - Wednesday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Wednesday's practice to get the latest news on John David Booty, Stafon Johnson and much more.

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation:

"We are just staying the course we have been on. Mark continued to get the first group work and John got some work done again today. We have to make sure and take care of him tomorrow and Friday and give him some time down from throwing, to get a little bit of rest, to be as strong as he can be and get some of the sensitivity out of there. He's getting better everyday and if we just don't bang it or don't do something wrong here we got a chance for him to be able to play for us. I'm not rushing any choice right now but Mark is preparing to start and that's how I'm talking to him as the starter and we are preparing him as the starter until he changes."

"What could change is that John just feels great and he can throw the ball really well and that might be something that we make the choice on once we get close to game time. The obvious thing is that John can play, even more so than last week. I said that last week but I know he can. I have watched him now and there is no question that he can play. So if something happens and we need him, there is an emergency or whatever he will certainly be able to get in there. How much more than that we will figure it out in the next couple of days."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez:

"He's doing really well. He has had a great week so far and he's been in it. I think the giddiness and stuff has kind of left so he is very cool about it, calm about the preparation. He seems to be throwing the ball real well and he is very clear about what we are trying to get done with the plan. That's a real good sign and we are hoping that he will be able to put together a real great game if he is out there playing for us."

Pete Carroll on the attitude of the injured players:

"These guys are fighting to get back. There is no question they are going to fight in every way they can to get back out there. Nobody wants to miss this trip. It is a very exciting opportunity for us and everyone wants to be a part of it."

Pete Carroll on Stafon Johnson:

"I'm hoping he will show us something tomorrow to give us the confidence that he is okay. I didn't get to see him but I know he ran some service team plays today. A handful of plays and he looked okay on Monday and we rested him yesterday for the most part. So we will see what happens tomorrow."

Pete Carroll on Rey Maualuga's status:

"He is much better today than he was yesterday but he still couldn't do a whole lot today."

Pete Carroll on Chilo Rachal:

"Well he is just dealing with some swelling in his calf now. It's not about his knee anymore. So we just have to get him through that. He feels like something is going to pull or something. It is almost like having a cramp but he is way better today and he did all the game plan stuff in pre-practice and we will see where he is tomorrow. If we can have him available to play and hold him out as much as possible until Saturday in case we need to put him in there. We are at least that far along."

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