Mark Sanchez Named Starter Against Irish

Mark Sanchez is named the starter for the upcoming match-up between the USC Trojans and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

USC Quarterback, Mark Sanchez Named Starter Against Notre Dame

After breaking his middle finger in his throwing hand nearly two weeks ago, John David Booty was replaced by Mark Sanchez in the starting line-up. While the Trojans meet the Fighting Irish tomorrow in South Bend, it was officially announced today, Mark Sanchez will start for the Trojans.

At practice on Wednesday, Booty appeared disappointed when asked about his role for the upcoming game against Notre Dame. Booty wasn't happy that his finger had not healed as he had hoped. Missing two games effectively ended his chances for such post season awards as the Heisman Trophy or the Maxwell award.

The recent three week slump for the Trojans already meant that Booty would not win the Heisman Trophy, but this situation makes it virtually impossible for him to win any award.

Fortunate – Unfortunate

The unfortunate timing of Booty's injury signified two things, 1) he would not win the Heisman Trophy and 2) The Trojans are all but out of contention for the BCS Championship game in New Orleans.

In the middle of his second year of starting for the Trojans, Booty has gotten much of the blame for the recent tailspin of the football team.

Mark Sanchez is in position now to challenge Booty for the starting role even after his finger is healed.

Booty is clearly upset about the situation, but has deferred to the "better of the team" attitude rather than creating a controversy over not getting the start.

Unenviable Position

In the coming weeks Pete Carroll will have to make a decision as to who will be the starter for the Trojans from that point forward.

Does he give the starting role back to John David Booty or hand the reigns over to Sanchez who plays with a different style than Booty does?

Booty has earned the role and deserves the shot to complete the season. Sanchez has an upside that includes challenging for the starting role next year. He also brings a degree of emotion and fire that Booty appears to not have. The truth be told, Booty is every bit as emotional as Sanchez, he just displays it in a different style.

Carroll always says that each week the competition on the practice field dictates who will start. He believes that all positions are battled for each week in practice. It doesn't appear that he really thought that would apply to the quarterbacks. Carroll hasn't applied that rule to the quarterbacks in the past. Top Stories