Quoting Carroll - Notre Dame

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden brings you Pete Carroll post game comments from Notre Dame Stadium. Carroll speaks about the Trojans 38-0 victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Quoting Carroll – Notre Dame Post Game

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation:

"The big bonus we got out of Mark playing well obviously is we have two quarterbacks that can play in football games for us. That's a huge, huge advantage for us, and we've always felt like that would be the case, but you don't really know until they do it. Mark has got two good games under his belt. John is coming back; he was really close to playing this week. I know you want to what's going on with that. But I'm just going on what we have. We're just lucky to have both these guys ready to go and we'll see how far John is along the middle parts of the week. But Mark came through and it was really his day."

Pete Carroll on the senior's undefeated record against Notre Dame:

"It was really important to them to see if they could make it through their time when they played here and have an opportunity to beat Notre Dame in all their years," Pete Carroll said. "It's a big tribute to Sedrick (Ellis) and Lawrence Jackson and Keith Rivers and Matt Spanos and all those guys, (Drew) Radovich. It really was a big deal to them, and I'm very proud of that."

Pete Carroll on the play of Mark Sanchez:

With Mark in his first chance he comes back on the road and he puts together a beautiful job of leading our team offensively. I thought he was really in command, extremely farther along than he was in his first game. He started to show in the fourth quarter against Arizona, but boy, today he was really on. If it weren't for a couple of drops he would have had a spectacular day. I'm really excited that he was able to lead us in that regard."

Pete Carroll on the health of the team:

"And for us we came out of this game healthy for the first time in a while. We felt coming into this week we were getting stronger, some guys were returning, and we'll get more guys back again next week. We think that we can really start to push in the second half of the schedule and have an opportunity to play some good football."

Pete Carroll on the shutout:

"You never talk about that stuff; it's kind of like throwing a no-hitter. But it takes a couple of plays here and there to make that happen." It was a day when we were able to do it, and I loved that we pulled it off."

Pete Carroll on Vidal Hazelton's touchdown catch:

"It was a phenomenal play. He has run very well with the ball. He's had glimpses of other chances. He's been very creative on the practice field, but that was just a sick play. I mean, he did every move you've ever heard of, spin, run over guys, cut back, cut back again, cut back again. I can't wait to see it on the highlights film."

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