Quoting Carroll - Monday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Monday's practice to get the latest news on John David Booty, returning offensive linemen and much more.

Quoting Carroll – Monday Practice

Pete Carroll on Monday's Practice:

"We had six linemen that worked that didn't get work last week. We healed them. Not everybody is back at full speed but it was great to get all those guys in uniform. And they are out there together and starting to work on drills and stuff like that. It's an amazing boost for the guys that have been enduring these practices sessions and these weeks and these games with just five or six guys or six or seven guys. It's a big boost to us."

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation:

"We are going to throw tomorrow and see how he (Booty) does. And also see how he responds Wednesday and just take all of that information and see where we are. When he threw on Tuesday last week he wasn't able to throw on Wednesday. So that tells us if he is improving. He's feeling better we just have to see if he is effective and can do what he needs to do. Meanwhile, Mark is going to work at it and do like we have been doing. Stay with the first group and get the majority of the reps. Just keep preparing in that fashion because that is what we know. We know he is ready to go. So we will prepare in that manner and find out how John is."

Pete Carroll on John David Booty's injury:

"It's about time, this week or next week. It's within the next couple of weeks that he should make a turn. It feels to him like it's getting a little tougher. It's not numb like it was and stuff like that. So he is getting close."

Pete Carroll on Sam Baker:

"He's got kind of a freshly pulled hamstring. You know just a week ago, eight or nine days ago now. It takes a couple weeks sometimes if it's a significant one, which it seemed to be. So it's going to be real close by game day. I don't know if he will make it or not."

Pete Carroll on the returning offensive linemen:

"Chilo (Rachal) got his work. Just all of those guys, Zach (Heberer) started to get some work today with no contact. Charles Brown, Thomas Herring, all those guys got back out there. Nick Howell is back out now. It's just a great boost for us. It should help us immensely as we prepare on both sides of the ball."

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