Quoting Carroll - Tuesday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden brings you Pete Carroll's thoughts on John David Booty, Sam Baker and much more.

Quoting Carroll – Tuesday Practice

Pete Carroll on John David Booty:

"He felt pretty good early on. He felt the best he has felt and today for the first time we had him throw the ball down the field. We have to check the film out a little bit and see how he did with the service team with the offense. And again see how he is tomorrow and see how he responds. He wasn't all the way back. This isn't John (David Booty) at his best. We could tell that by watching. But he was pretty good and he threw the ball accurately for the most part. So we will check it out tomorrow and see where we are."

Pete Carroll on Sam Baker:

"He got a little bit of work today. He isn't ready yet, but he is getting closer. He was in uniform and he took some snaps and did a few things. He's trying to figure out what he can and can't do. And see if there is a way he can manage his way through playing. Right now we are still trying to figure that out."

Pete Carroll on the players returning from injuries:

"Zach (Heberer) practiced with us, and Charles (Brown) practiced with us. Thomas (Herring) got kicked again out here but that's three or four guys back out here really practicing."

Pete Carroll on Chilo Rachal:

"He lost it because he could feel his leg more than he wanted to. He's got the swelling from his knee, has kind of worked down to his calf and it has given him a problem. He can't get through that yet but he's just frustrated. So we are just trying to calm him down. He's going to be alright. This is not an injury that is going to keep him out for long."

Pete Carroll on Oregon:

"It's a good challenging game. They do a lot of intricate things, and a lot of stuff we have to really school up on. We've gotta find enough repetitions to get disciplined in the things we have to do so that we can be right on the mark with our assignments…They have really looked like they are a step ahead of everybody they were playing all year. So we are trying to catch up right now."

Pete Carroll on Dennis Dixon:

"He's really, really efficient right now and making great choices. He's taking off at the right time, not wasting throws. That's what the experience does for you. And he has just continued with his growth in the offense and maturing as a senior and all that stuff."

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