Thursday Practice Report: It's Sanchez

The Trojans held their last full speed practice Thursday before facing the Oregon Ducks. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden gives you all the news from practice including which USC quarterback will start.

Thursday Practice Report

Sanchez Named Starter

USC head coach Pete Carroll announced after Thursday's practice that sophomore Mark Sanchez would start at quarterback for the Trojans this Saturday when they face the Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium.

"We got it real clear in our minds what we are doing; Mark is going to start," said Carroll. "John had a great week, but we decided this afternoon that we would go in this direction. I think for all the right reasons. To give John David (Booty) another week to get well."

Booty didn't throw at practice on Thursday but will be available to play this Saturday.

Booty Gets Some Rest

After getting lots of reps at practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, John David Booty didn't throw at Thursday's practice. After practice Pete Carroll explained that they plan on resting Booty the rest of the week to allow his finger time to recover.

"We didn't throw him today because we won't throw him tomorrow either. Give him two more days of not flaring it up. It flares up a little bit everyday when he throws right now," Carroll said. "This will give him good rest and he won't throw much on Saturday until he has to warm up to play, if he does. Then he will go Sunday and Monday and we will give him all the way to Tuesday of next week. Which these days I think are just huge for him to get this thing to quieted down."

Baker and Rachal Will Return

Sam Baker and Chilo Rachal both practiced at full speed Thursday. Both players are expected to play this Saturday at Oregon.

After practice Rachal was very upbeat about the progress of his injured leg and said he expects to start Saturday. "I'm feeling really good now. It's loosening up everyday. As the day goes on it loosens up more and more," Rachal said.

The offensive line has looked re-energized with all the returning players this week. The added depth should help tremendously against Oregon.

Booty and Sanchez Kept Away From the Media

Pete Carroll announced after Thursday's practice that Mark Sanchez would start against Oregon. Carroll also announced that both players wouldn't be speaking with the media.

"Just to give them a break, these guys have a game to play. They don't need anymore media attention; they don't need anymore time with you guys," said Pete Carroll. "They have done everything they can for you and you know the whole story. I'm helping them. This has nothing to do with anything other than helping these guys to get prepared."

All week both players have been very gracious to the media, answering every possible question about the quarterback situation. It's also been remarkable to see how the two players remain close and support each other in a very difficult situation.

Drew Radovich Rests His Back

USC offensive tackle Drew Radovich sat out Thursday's practice to rest his aching back. "His back is still a little flared up here. We will start him if he is okay. We had to quiet him down yesterday and today. He will have a real quiet day tomorrow," said Pete Carroll. "It's the same issue that he had before. It wasn't worse at all, it just started to get aggravated a little bit. So we just sat him down for rest. He's had tons and tons of work in the last six weeks or five weeks here with everybody being banged up. He hasn't missed a snap in weeks."

Radovich is expected to start but if he isn't available then Butch Lewis will replace him at right tackle.

Broderick Green to Redshirt

After talking with coaches and his family, freshman tailback Broderick Green has decided to redshirt. The big running back from Arkansas was having a very successful fall camp before he injured his foot.

Green will compete for playing time next season and will have four years of eligibility left.

Road Warriors

When asked about playing in a hostile environment such as Autzen Stadium, Pete Carroll replied that he and the team love the challenge of playing on the road.

"Going on the road isn't something that you dread. Going on the road is the challenge that comes with half of a season. So you have to have a good attitude about it," explained Pete Carroll. "This is a really fun place to win (Autzen). Yeah, I like winning up there and would love to do it again."

Carroll's unique way of looking at road games could explain why the Trojans have had so much success playing at hostile places like Oregon, Nebraska, Arkansas, Auburn and Notre Dame. Top Stories