Quoting Carroll – Thursday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Thursday's to get his thoughts on Oregon, Sam Baker and the Trojans starting quarterback.

Quoting Carroll – Thursday Practice

Pete Carroll on naming Mark Sanchez the starter:

"We got it real clear in our minds what we are doing; Mark is going to start. John had a great week, but we decided this afternoon that we would go in this direction. I think for all the right reasons. To give John David (Booty) another week to get well. It will be, I think instrumental to his return. Like we have always been saying, he could play. This is the most prepared he has been. Taking snaps and taking all of the throws earlier in the week. He will be ready to go if we need him. But we are supporting Mark (Sanchez) to start here and expecting him to play really well. He had a fantastic day today to finish off the preparation."

Pete Carroll on why Sanchez will start:

"It's just the uncertainty that John (David Booty) feels still when he throws the ball. He's not quite sure if he can control every throw right now. He threw the ball well but there were a few that got away from him and he can't tell when that is happening. So that amount of certainty is enough to give him another week and hopefully Mark can make it through the game and we can get a win."

Pete Carroll on keeping Sanchez and Booty away from the media:

"Just to give them a break, these guys have a game to play. They don't need anymore media attention; they don't need anymore time with you guys. They have done everything they can for you and you know the whole story. I'm helping them. This has nothing to do with anything other than helping these guys to get prepared."

Pete Carroll on when John David Booty will throw:

"We didn't throw him today because we won't throw him tomorrow either. Give him two more days of not flaring it up. It flares up a little bit everyday when he throws right now. This will give him good rest and he won't throw much on Saturday until he has to warm up to play, if he does. Then he will go Sunday and Monday and we will give him all the way to Tuesday of next week. Which these days I think are just huge for him to get this thing to quieted down."

Pete Carroll on Drew Radovich:

"His back is still a little flared up here. We will start him if he is okay. We had to quiet him down yesterday and today. He will have a real quiet day tomorrow. It's the same issue that he had before. It wasn't worse at all it just started to get aggravated a little bit. So we just sat him down for rest. He's had tons and tons of work in the last six weeks or five weeks here with everybody being banged up. He hasn't missed a snap in weeks."

Pete Carroll on playing at Autzen Stadium:

"Going on the road isn't something that you dread. Going on the road is the challenge that comes with half of a season. So you have to have a good attitude about it. This is a really fun place to win (Autzen). Yeah, I like winning up there and would love to do it again."

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