BLOG: Homeward Bound-Made it Safely

BLOG on a trip to Oregon. SCPlaybook's Clay deLeon reports from Portland, Oregon on the frightful events that was Oregon.

Done Deal

3:00 p.m. - Made it home, safe and sound. Los Angeles is a beautiful city, isn't it?

I'll settle in, unpack and get my thoughts and analyses together to review the game that wasn't.I'll be posting some articles tonight

Just landed at LAX without a hitch! Nice plane ride, with more than a few Trojans on board

1:35 p.m. - The days are long, searching for the answer, the reason the Trojans lost. I came across a startling conclusion talking to a dentist/Stanford grad on the plane.

We aren't going to win them all, and we've had a good run.

But it's not over yet, Pete Carroll will be back.

On the Way Home from this miserable state that was clean, warm, nice, friendly and overall a pleasant experience, missing the bus to Eugene notwithstanding.

October 28, 2007, 10:21 a.m. Update from Portland Oregon.

Sitting in Portland International, reflecting on the weekend, this was a great trip, I met more Beavers than Ducks, and that's a good thing.

Also met SCwinsmore and his pleasant daughter, who hosted me when the hotel missed my wake-up call and I missed my bus to Eugene. The hotel gave me a fee night (better than $225) for missing the bus at their miscue. Not a bad deal, I hate being in a stadium when the Trojans lose.

God's Divine Intervention

Since I hate losing, it was a nice thing to be in Portland while the Trojans bumbled their way to a loss. I ended the trip by going to a movie last night and coming back to the hotel room for room service dining.

Seared Salmon and flourless Chocolate Cake

That was my final meal in Portland and the hotel room. If a cake is flourless, what is in the cake? Don't answer that. It was delicious anyway.

Sitting at the airport, I realize Portlanders are not as healthy as Californians. I'm hungry and I didn't see a McDonalds in this airport.

Losing to Oregon

Losing to Oregon isn't so bad. They aren't from South Bend, after all.

Well, we'll be boarding, and I'm gonna eat a veggie sandwich or something awful like that. The next time I log in, I'll be in Los Angeles.

Final Note

The hostess terminal just paged Nick Sanchez. Maybe I'll talk to him on the airplane.

Yesterday, 11:06 a.m. Going to watch the game with SCwinsmore at his home in Portland.

What happens when you miss the bus to Eugene

October 27, 2007, 10:21 a.m. Update from Portland Oregon.

Bizarre news from "The Rose City," Portland. This report will be transformed to a blog - Check this report for frequent updates.

Who would have thought? My trip turned from bizarre to laughable.

After a great evening in Portland, a pep rally with the USC Alumi Association and the Trojan Marching Band, the hotel missed my wake up call and I subsequently missed the bus ride to Eugene.

Travel can be quite an experience. The hotel is sending me to a bar in Downtown, Portland. I'll update you as the day progresses.

Advice to football travelers: do not depend on wake-up calls from hotels, set an alarm.

Observations on the Way to Eugene

October 26, 11:00 p.m.

Portland,Oregon - I thought I had left the wildfires behind when the plane left Southern California. As our airplane approached Portland Airport, however, looking out over the western skyline, it became evident that the outlaying Portland area had three large fires blazing in the forests.

Also noticed upon approach, there's a lot of farms in the outer reaches of Portland. What do these people do on the farm when the rain and snow kicks in? Four or five months of staring at walls, I suppose.

Just north of Portland there were mountain peaks, one being Mt. Hood. These mountains were covered with snow. And it's only October. Then again maybe the snow never melted.

I've searched the countryside. I've yet to see a duck.

The weather was pleasant today, I thought it was Los Angeles. Then the sun set and the wind kicked in. It's quite evident, we are not in Los Angeles, Toto. Baby, it's cold outside.

We decided to stay at the USC Alumni Association hotel – the Heathman Hotel in Downtown Portland. With such great accommodations, the only way to travel is with the USC Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association scheduled a pep rally in the hotel's conference center, the refreshments were excellent and the Spirit of Troy, the USC Trojan Marching Band put the exclamation point on a wonderful evening.

Oregon is a beautiful state, green forests, lush landscape, rivers and lakes. Some of the residents tell me the cold isn't so bad, but spring can be difficult with the rains and corresponding inclement weather.

Moonlit Portland Skyline, Mt. Hood in background

The bus trip from Portland to Eugene leaves at 7:00am in the morning. It's an early game at 12:00 noon, looking forward to a great game at Autzen Stadium.

I can't shake the feeling that the Trojans will dominate the Oregon Ducks today. The Trojan defense is on a roll and the offense is starting to gel. We'll report updates from Autzen Stadium and after the game. Top Stories