Quoting Carroll: Oregon Post Game

Pete Carroll Post Game Conference Transcript. The Oregon Ducks defeated the USC Trojans in Eugene.

Quoting Carroll – Oregon Post Game

Pete Carroll on the Oregon game:

"It really felt like a championship game today, like it's supposed to. I think it was tied at halftime and we felt alright about that. We thought we would have a real good chance to get back in it. I felt we came back and started to feel it and then we just gave them the football and unfortunately we weren't able to overcome handing them the ball. I don't know how deep it was, around the twenty."

Pete Carroll on the Trojans costly turnovers:

"As you look at this game the turnovers were the story for us. In the second half when you have to play right and do things right we gave them a couple easy shots and they took advantage of it and they played a very good football game."

Pete Carroll on the playing at Autzen Stadium:

"I thought we handled the situation. It was a great crowd and all that, but our players handled that fine and it really wasn't an issue in the game."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez:

"I thought Mark (Sanchez) battled all day long and he feels terrible about turning the ball over. The last one, was just he was just trying too hard. He knows he made a bad throw on the other pick. He just under threw Anthony (McCoy) in the corner. Those kinds of things happen and if you can't overcome them then they are the story of the game. That's kind of what happened….I thought he did okay. I think he did a very good job of staying out of trouble and avoiding sacks. But when it comes down to the quarterback throws a couple picks you know you got to look at that as a big difference. "

Pete Carroll on Oregon's Defense:

"I think they did a good job defensively to kind of keep us in check. We never really got going. Obviously Joe's (McKnight) big play would have been a huge difference in this football game. But we did get many out until we really opened it up late and had to go to the no huddle thing. We really started moving the ball then but other than that they played really well on defense, better than I had anticipated."

Pete Carroll on the goal for the rest of the season:

"It's always been next week. That's always what it is and it's never been anything different than that. You guys have asked me a thousand times. That's what it is. It's get yourself ready for next week and get yourself on track and get a win."

Pete Carroll on the decision to go for it on 4th and 1 on the first drive:

"Well it was a free opportunity almost. You know it was like the game hadn't even started yet and we get a free shot at it. So I am going to try and get everything we could out of it. After, they get the ball right there where they would get it anyway right after a kickoff. So I thought it was worth going for. Three points didn't matter in this game but it could have. You can look at it anyway you want to, say anything you want about it. That's what we were going to do today. We're going for it."

Pete Carroll on the loss:

"This is hard. Sure it's very hard. It's very difficult right now. We had expectations of coming up here and winning. I'm not talking about the grand scope of things. I'm talking about today. Coming in here and winning and getting a great win and really jumpstarting us into a great finish. We missed a big opportunity today."

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation:

"I think Mark (Sanchez) has given us everything he can give us. Until John (David Booty) is ready we are going to continue to work him and see how far he can take us. This is a new week. We will figure that out when we get back next week."

Pete Carroll on Dennis Dixon:

"He was a big problem. He made a lot of things happen getting outside of the pocket. We had guys covered and weren't able to get him down as quickly as we needed to. He was making eight and ten yards instead of three and four. He was very difficult to sack. That factor was definitely the factor that kept the ball moving in this game."

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