Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden brings you Pete Carroll's post practice comments, including: his thoughts on John David Booty, Kristofer O'Dowd and much more.

Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

Pete Carroll on Tuesday's practice:

"We had really good spirited work today. The tempo was excellent and we got our work done. The guys are determined, they're hungry. They want to do right and they practiced like it today, and I couldn't be more pleased with the effort we had out here."

Pete Carroll on John David Booty:

"He did very well today, very well. He looked like John (David Booty) always looks. So that was a real pleasant surprise. I think he is pretty much pain free on the deal right now. So that's a big sign that he is on track to do some good work this weekend. Again we just go day to day on that but he took the starters reps today and if he comes back feeling alright tomorrow then we will do it again tomorrow."

Pete Carroll on the amount of work Booty will get in practice:

"Well we aren't letting him overthrow. You know he is splitting time so Mark (Sanchez) gets plenty of turns too, but he is getting the first group reps. He is doing fine. He threw the ball great today and that's a real positive sign."

Pete Carroll on the return of Kristofer O'Dowd:

"I don't know how much he worked today. I didn't pay attention to what he got. I wasn't here on this end. He was free to get 9-on-7 work and he took the good tempo work today as far as I could tell. That's a good positive sign for him coming back. There is every indication that he will be ready to play this weekend and help us if we need him."

Pete Carroll on where Kristofer O'Dowd will play:

"He's not going to take Matt's (Spanos) spot away right away. That's not going to happen. Matt's in good shape right there playing well for us. He finally got his hand out of the stitches and all that; he's ready to get better. But he (O'Dowd) is available to us at the center spot and we will see what else. We have talked about some of the other alternatives."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez gaining game experience:

"I think it's extremely valuable. I think I said earlier today we have never had that situation in the back pocket. If it should turn out that John (David Booty) plays, and plays most of the reps, those three starts would be invaluable. It's great settings, here at the stadium and on the road a couple of times. It's a great learning experience and that helps him enormously."

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