Manager Blog - Oregon Trip

Student Manager Matthew Burkhard offers SCPlayBook readers a unique perspective into the weekend that was USC's trip to Eugene, Oregon.

Five of USC's Football Managers returned from a long day in Eugene Saturday night. Although the team suffered its most difficult loss of the year, the near 13-hour workday put a haze on all that had happened – regardless, we knew we had to get our work done, win or lose.

Post-game at Autzen Stadium was interesting as far as packing up goes – managers scrambled to retrieve all of the field equipment as fans charged the field and surrounded our sideline. The transport of equipment trunks required winding in and out of crowds yelling obscenities in overexcitement over the game – I suppose you could call Autzen a "Zoo."

The pace to get out of the stadium was that of a rapid hurry, and within an hour we were boarding the plane. Equipment from the stadium was packed onto a truck for a long-haul home, and managers reconvened on Sunday morning to finish the job.

Overall, the trip was fulfilling and a successful job by the managers despite the loss. David Toper, the offensive line manager made his way up to Eugene, his hometown, to help complete the job and visit family and friends at the same time. "It's a real special experience to go up to Autzen with the Trojans. I have been going to games there to see the Ducks since I was 8, and being on the field with USC was an emotional experience." Toper's home is no more than 10 minutes away from the stadium, which gave him a great opportunity to make a real trip out of the weekend.

This week began with practice on Monday with a focus on really turning things around. Managers have been focusing all week on making sure all goes perfectly this weekend as we face the Beavers for Homecoming. This is the 9th game for the managers as well, and we plan on making sure that everything goes without a hitch on Saturday.

Tuesday during practice, we threw in a couple of the smaller-sized footballs to try them out, and of course after practice the managers spent time breaking them in to the best of their ability. This week will give us an opportunity to try new things and give us an opportunity to help the team in different ways.

In the end, we all look forward to a great opportunity this weekend to be perfect. We also look forward to the team's effort to take on Oregon's other team on Saturday. Top Stories