Quoting Carroll: Wednesday Practice

After Wednesday Practice, Pete Carroll discussed John David Booty, the penalties assessed to the Trojans and players recovering from injury.

Quoting Carroll: Wednesday Practice

After Wednesday Practice, Pete Carroll discussed John David Booty, the penalties assessed to the Trojans and players recovering from injury.

Pete Carroll Post Practice Briefing

"We had a great two days of practice, the effort was excellent. Working on a game plan that's challenging against a team we are really concerned about. Things are moving forward."

On John David Booty

"John David (Booty) had another good day today, he threw the heck out of the football today. I'm surprised that he's come back day after day after day so sharp, but he has been so we got one more day to get in the hopper. If he can get through tomorrow then he'll start for us. If he has a setback here, then Mark's (Sanchez) ready to go and (we'll) plug him right in."

"Things are moving along pretty well though, I'm pleased with the work, we had a great time out here at practice today, it was fun to be here. It's nice coming off the practice field now, guys are working hard and competing, that's what needs to happen."

Imbalance of Penalties

"I don't have any explanation for anything on that one (penalty discrepancies). I just know what numbers show. I went back to take a look at it and it's something I've thought of over the past. I don't know why that is, maybe you guys can figure that out."

"It would be interesting to see that teams that have had a lot of success to see if there's a similar pattern there…it's a dramatic number for four solid years."

"They're (officials) working hard, I don't have any problems with what they're doing, the process. They do a thorough job in the evaluation of the games themselves. They go through and critique it, they're very open to say a guy got downgraded or that we were wrong on our assessment of the situation. We'll throw in not just the plays that were called but other plays that we see that are of question."

"We have a very, very good working relationship to just come to an understanding. I totally trust that the guys are working their butts off to get the job done the best that they can, I don't have any problem with that."

The Numbers on the Penalties Over Time

"It's interesting the numbers in 2003, our team was ranked 6th (in the Pac-10) in penalties and in 2004, 2005, 2006 and now, 2007, we're 10th."

"I've told our guys for years to expect it. That's what's been happening. This isn't the first time I've recognized it, it's just happening again. I've said that we have to overcome penalties in situations and calls and our own problems and anything that comes up. And play over and above, to keep a run going, to keep winning in all these games. We can't let that ever for that to be an excuse or a factor that we would lean on, we still don't."

Current Injuries

Charles (Brown) battled really well today, I'm anxious to see what Pat (Ruel) has to say, I thought he looked really good today. I told Charles and Butch (Lewis) knows it as soon as Charles gets back to full health, he's in the competition again. He was ahead of Butch when he got hurt. It's a real good healthy competitive situation, we'll see what happens. I don't have a conclusion to that yet. Tomorrow's an important day because this the first day, yesterday and today that Charles had a chance to work back at it.

I don't think (Sam Baker) is going to make it. He's really sore. He tried a little bit today to get some stuff done. I don't think he got much done. He responded really well in the second week last time. I don't know if he can again or not. I don't know if he'll be able to do that. We'll see. The medication that he took last time really helped, I don't know that it will have that same dramatic effect this time."

(Stafon Johnson) seems to be back, real confident. He's not hobbling around anymore. He's ready to play. That's great news for us. He's been a real factor when he's been fully healthy and playing. Hopefully he can help us this game."

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