Quoting Carroll: Thursday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden reports on Pete Carroll's post practice Comments, including John David Booty, Sam Baker and much more.

Quoting Carroll: Thursday Practice

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation:

"We are going with John (David Booty). It's clear that he had a good solid week and he's ready to play. I hope that a couple weeks off hasn't thrown him out of kilter at all. We are looking for him to jump back right where we left off.

Hopefully we can get going. Mark (Sanchez) is ready to go of course, and all that. We are anticipating being back to where we felt like we were when he was playing and healthy and all that. So we are going to go for it and see how we do in this game."

Pete Carroll on Sam Baker's injury:

"He took some snaps yesterday. I didn't realize he got some in yesterday and tried to get a few in today too. So he still wants to try, kind off surprisingly. He's trying to will his way back on the field which is exactly the way we like them to compete to return. We will be very careful with him. We know that he is still banged up."

Pete Carroll on the left tackle position:

"We are planning on going with Butch (Lewis) starting at left tackle until something changes."

Pete Carroll on Oregon State's Yvenson Bernard:

"I don't think he has ever played against us and I'm sure he wants to do this before he finishes his career. If he can he will. He's a great competitor. I'm sure he's doing everything possible to get out here and we are preparing for him to play."

Pete Carroll on Oregon State's defense:

"They have a lot of experience and a really good scheme. They are very aggressive with their guys. They trust their guys to be able to do quite a few things, a lot of different kinds of pressures and all that. Their sack numbers are way ahead of everybody else in the conference. I think they got 32. So they are way up there.

It's just a good solid scheme with guys that know what they are doing that play really hard. They really look like the same guys that have been playing there for years. They've changed the names but those guys keep coming up and making their plays. The secondary plays the same and the front plays the same. They just do a very consistent job of playing great defense."

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