Reviewing the Keys to the Game – USC vs. OSU

SCPlaybook's Clay de Leon reviews the Keys to a Trojan Victory. In a game dominated by the USC defense, the Trojans defeat the Beavers 24-3.

Reviewing the Keys to the Game – USC vs. OSU

Clay de Leon Reviews the Keys to a Trojan Victory

Trojan Quarterback

We said: John David Booty has not played in nearly a month. Booty will have to shake the rust off and lead a definitive Trojan attack. Either quarterback needs to confidently lead the Trojans on Saturday.

John David Booty led the Trojans, and was a bit rusty. The only turnover he had was a fumble created by a sack. Booty played well enough to secure a victory. Look for him to improve next week.

Stopping Yvenson Bernard

We said: The Trojan defense has a formidable foe in Bernard, who averages close to 102 yards per game and is the third leading rusher in the Pac-10.

Surprise! Yvenson Bernard did not play in this game.

We also said: Limiting Bernard to less than a hundred yards (and closer to 40-50 yards) would be a big plus for the Trojans.

USC held the Beavers to 91 yards total rushing. Their leading rushers, James Rodgers and Clinton Polk rushed for 48 and 45 yards respectively.

Regaining Confidence and a Winning Attitude

We said: This Trojan team has been inconsistent at best. The whole team needs to come together and play inspired football.

The defense came up big in this game. They are playing with confidence and a winning attitude. If the offense can pick up on this attitude, the Trojans will be hard to stop the rest of the season.

Penalty Wars

We said: The Trojans need to limit penalties for false starts, facemask and blocking in the back. Mental errors plaguing the team of late need to be kept under check. At the very least, the Trojans cannot allow penalties to disrupt the flow of the their game plan.

The Trojans limited the penalties to four, two of which could be considered questionable calls.

Getting to the Quarterback

We said: A signature of a Pete Carroll defense is getting to the quarterback. In recent years, the defense would shake the opposing quarterback up with sacks and pressure. The Trojans need to disrupt the flow of the Beaver offense by getting to the quarterback.

Did the Trojan defense read this report? The defense went absolutely berserk and recorded 10 sacks for the game. Everson Griffen more than impressed with 3-1/2 sacks and Kevin Ellison had 2. Top Stories