If I Were Coach I'd Change Offensive Strategy

In this edition of "If I Were Coach," we take some liberties and move around on the field a little, just for fun.

If I Were Coach, I'd Continue to Blitz the Opposing Quarterback

Given, a blitzing scheme may not work against a mobile quarterback or an option-type offense, the signature Pete Carroll swarming defense is fun to watch. Since mobile quarterbacks are behind the schedule, Coach Carroll should turn on the afterburners and allow the front-four to pressure hard and bring in a safety or corner on every possible down. The 10-sack display against the Beavers was incredibly successful.

If I Were Coach, I'd Tell the Quarterbacks and Receivers to Take Extra Reps

Once again, John David Booty and his receivers were just a step off against the Beavers. If the quarterback and his receivers ever get on the same page, the Trojans will be unbeatable the rest of the season.

If I Were Coach, I'd Establish the Run

Sure the Trojan goal is balance. But I would try to be more oriented toward the running game. Trojan tailbacks and the offensive line are strong enough to wear down any defense. Run the ball, Forest, Run the ball.

If I Were Coach, I'd Be More Creative on Offense

Every team has its tendencies. I would thus stay away from the offensive tendencies: to throw short flares on first down, to send McKnight up the middle when he is the lone tailback and for that matter, when Desmond Reed is the tailback, the tendency is to throw the ball. These are easy for the defense to key on.

So I would take chances and change tendencies. Maybe go deep on first down. Or perhaps only run McKnight out of the I-formation (no single back running for McKnight) and finally, use someone else besides Reed as a blocking back.

What has worked is power running out of the I-formation, I'd use Stafon Johnson and Chauncey in this role, McKnight seems to work well on sweeps and student body rights. I'd all but forget running McKnight on single setback formations.


If I Were Patrick Turner, I'd Take 50 Extra Catches a Day

Turner has improved significantly since recovering from an early season shoulder stinger. He should take lessons, however, from Keary Colbert who used to stay after practice and catch passes every day. If memory serves, Pete Carroll was on the throwing end of that ordeal.

If I Were John David Booty, I'd take Turner Aside and Throw After Practice

John David Booty would be well served to work on his timing with receivers. How much improvement would come from extra work with Turner and others every day? I'd also ask Vidal Hazelton and David Ausberry to join the after practice party.

If I Were Stafon Johnson, I'd Insist on 10-15 Carries a Game

Stafon Johnson is almost back to full form. If he is recovered from his foot injury, I would pull a "Keyshawn," and say. "Just Give Me the dang Ball!"

If I Were the Offensive Line, I'd Insist on Power Running

The USC offensive line can overpower just about any defense on the planet. I would insist on starting off games blowing the opposing defensive lines. With the power of the offensive line and tailbacks like Stafon Johnson, Chauncey Washington and Joe McKnight, I'd insist on establishing the run.

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