Quoting Carroll: Monday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Monday's practice to get his thoughts on Everson Griffen, California's Desean Jackson and much more.


Pete Carroll on getting ready to play California:

"This is an exciting week. This has always been a good match up with Cal and you can really feel that the final stretch of the season is on us. We got to do everything that we can do to put together a great week and get ready. Guys are really upbeat and ready to continue to find the next level to put our best foot forward. This is a good team that can give us problems as they have in the past and so it's an exciting opportunity for us."

Pete Carroll on USC's injury status:

"We are looking pretty healthy for the most part. We are going to have to wait and see on Sam (Baker). There a lot of guys out practicing today. That's a good positive sign. It's a good feeling to at least have those guys out here competing."

Pete Carroll on the left tackle situation:

"We are going to work with Charles Brown. Charles Brown is working on competing with Butch (Lewis) to see who is going to play and give them a real competitive look this week…It's just the situation I look at Charles (Brown) was ahead before he got hurt and fortunately Butch (Lewis) was ready to go and did a nice job. I think it's just a good healthy situation to have both of the guys battling at that spot."

Pete Carroll on California WR Desean Jackson:

"He's a fantastic player. He's controlled games when he gets going and gets hot. You got to try and slow him down but he's not their only receiver though. The other guys are doing great. (Robert) Jordan has done well, and Lavelle (Hawkins) has been great too. They have really got a great core of receivers there. Desean (Jackson) has been the big gun for them over the years. So we certainly have to take care of him."

Pete Carroll on Butch Lewis:

"He's done very well for his first chances to play and start and all that. He's taken a lot of critical snaps in huge games already. So that's really in his favor that he has been able to handle that."

Pete Carroll on Ronald Johnson and the deep passing game:

"We have just missed him. He's doing his part. He has been out there a few times. He has big play ability in him and we have already seen it and we see it in his returns as well. So we have to just keep working it and hopefully we will find him and give him a chance to catch it and run it and all that stuff. He is going to be a very good player for us. We just haven't hooked up much with him so far."

Pete Carroll on Everson Griffen:

"I know that Coach Holt spent some extra time with him really helping him to get focused in the final part of the week. He was really seriously ready for this game. You could just tell he had a little bit different air about him and then he took advantage of the opportunity. We got going and the rush started heating up and he was flying off the football, the best he has done all year. He has a fantastic get-off ability and it showed up. That will continue to be a real asset for us and for him over the years because he has fantastic initial quickness."

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