Brandon Ting interview

WeAreSC caught up with Trojan verbal commit Brandon Ting, one half of the Ting twin combo out of Logan High School in Union City (CA). He and his brother Ryan have been tearing it up this year on the football field. He talks about their season so far, the strength of his commitment to USC, and an interesting decision he and his brother have to make in the near future.

WeAreSC- Let's talk about your season so far.  How's it been going?


B. Ting- "Actually, it's going pretty good.  We're 2-0 in league and 3-1 overall.  We lost our second game of the year against Skyline of Oakland.  It was a pretty good game and a lot of people came out, but it was good for us because it made us stress on the details we needed to improve on.  We had a bye last week and we play our rivals this week, Washington High School.  It should be a good game.  Our league is down a little bit, but they're doing ok, they beat another good team in our league.  I think whenever a team plays us in our league, they try and step it up."


WeAreSC- I know you played quarterback last year, what position are you playing at this year?


B. Ting- "Coach has been playing me both ways.  Last year, like you said, I played quarterback but this year I'm starting safety as well as quarterback." 


WeAreSC- Do you have any of your numbers so far?


B. Ting- "Right now, I've thrown for over 600 yards and I'm actually leading the league in total points.  I have 5 touchdowns passing and I believe 3 rushing.  The first game I actually scored twice, one on defense, I got an interception and returned it, and I ran one in, and then I threw two touchdowns, one to my brother and one to another receiver.  So that went pretty well.  On defense, I have two interceptions and I've recovered two fumbles."


WeAreSC- What about Ryan, where do they have him playing at?


B. Ting- "They actually have him at strong corner, and he's playing receiver on offense as well."


WeAreSC- Do you have any idea on any of his numbers?


B. Ting- "He's leading the league in receptions as well as yardage per catch.  I think he has somewhere around twenty catches, that's leading our league, and I believe he's leading the league in total receiving yardage.  I don't know the actual statistics though."


WeAreSC- But he's been finding the endzone pretty often?


B. Ting- "Oh yeah, he's been finding the endzone.  They've been trying to double team him because they know he's one of my favorite targets, so lately we've had to depend on our other receiver.  They're both doing a tremendous job just trying to get open and everything."


WeAreSC- Is he having a pretty good season over at corner?


B. Ting- "Yeah, he's got four interceptions actually.  I think he has like 15 tackles.  We feel fortunate that we're playing both ways this year full time."


WeAreSC- I know the two of you didn't play any defense last year, so have you taken to the other side of the ball and do you feel like you fit in over there now?


B. Ting- "Yeah, we feel as players, when we're not on the field, we feel like we could be contributing, like last year on defense.  So coach gave us the opportunity to play both ways and we feel fortunate, with our abilities, that we can contribute to the team because we just like to compete.  When we're in there, we just get after it.  It's worked out for the best for our team."


WeAreSC- Talk a little about your last game and how you guys did.


B. Ting- "We played a team in our league called Irvington, they're in Fremont.  I actually threw two touchdowns.  Our offense is designed where my brother can get the ball in motion because we run the Fly offense.  It's similar to the Wing-T in terms of faking, so he can take the hand off or catch the ball.  So he actually got what we call a Green Sweep, where he goes in motion and I hand him the ball and he scored for a 25 yard run.  He had a pretty good game receiving too.  He had, I believe 80 yards receiving on like 5 catches.  He also had an interception and I think he had 5 tackles, and I think I had close to that too.  We ended up winning, I want to say 42-0."


WeAreSC- I know you guys were playing cornerback at the USC four day camp for the first time, have you been able to take what you learned there and take it into this year and has it been helpful?


B. Ting- "Oh yeah, definitely.  We learned a tremendous amount in just four days from Coach Carroll because of his background.  He's been to the NFL and everywhere.  He actually took us aside one of the days at the camp and he was teaching us and Freddie Parish some actual footwork and some jamming techniques for when you're in man-press and that was beneficial for us because even though our coach teaches us a lot, it just adds to that knowledge.  Also, Coach Burns, he was teaching us how to take our drop steps and pick up the three step drop as compared to the five step drop of the quarterback.  We've used that to our advantage, picking up that stuff at SC.  So, to answer your question, yeah, we've used the stuff that the SC coaches taught and applied it to our high school team."


WeAreSC- Speaking of USC, is your commitment still solid?


B. Ting- "Oh yeah.  Our coaches told us to keep our options open, but like we've said before, we feel that the SC coaches were the most loyal and we want to show our loyalty to them.  That's why we verballed so early.  Coach Carroll came after us the hardest so we feel faithful to them, and we just like the whole SC set up."


WeAreSC- Have you talked to the coaches lately? 


B. Ting- "Yeah, actually the last coach we talked to was Coach Tim Davis last week.  We usually keep touch week-to-week and see how things are going.  It's just to keep on the same page.  We feel fortunate that SC is calling us every week and it kind of pumps us up for the season.  It gives us extra motivation to work harder."


WeAreSC- Are other schools still calling?


B. Ting- "Actually, yeah.  We've received other scholarships.  They understand that we have a verbal commitment to SC, but they said with all due respect, they would like to continue recruiting us until signing day."


WeAreSC- Who are some of the other schools that are calling?


B. Ting- "Stanford, Cal Berkley, and Nebraska, as well as some of the Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.  Like in terms of Pac-10, the Cal coaches call, Coach Teevens from Stanford is calling, as well as Coach Gillespie from Nebraska."


WeAreSC- Have all of those schools offered also?


B. Ting- "Yes."


WeAreSC- In your latest conversations with the Trojan coaches, is the plan still for you and your brother to come in as cornerbacks?


B.Ting- "Yeah, that's the plan right now.  We actually came down to the game against Oregon State.  We were talking to them and Coach Burns actually told us to watch the DB drills, so it was cool.  Yeah, the plan right now for us is to play cornerback because that's what Coach Carroll and Coach Burns said.  It's the best thing for their position, because I guess there's a shortage on the depth chart.  They've also discussed maybe Ryan coming in and playing a little receiver but I'm not sure.  They definitely want us to come in as corners but if things change, they change."


WeAreSC- You brought up coming down for the Oregon State game, what was that experience like?


B. Ting- "It's actually funny you mention it, because it was our first USC game.  During the camp, we actually got to play in the Coliseum and it was overwhelming just to be in the stadium.  We used to always watch USC on TV, but that was the first game we actually went to.  It was definitely overwhelming just because of the atmosphere, the college atmosphere, the tailgate, the student body.  The announcer said there was something like 56,000 plus there.  It was definitely a positive experience because we've never been in that type of environment.  It was cool walking down the stairs of the Coliseum.  Then afterwards, going in the locker room and seeing how the actual locker room atmosphere is was pretty neat too."


WeAreSC- Did you meet any other recruits while you were there?


B. Ting- "Oh yeah.  We actually met Whitney Lewis at the camp.  So we saw him there and we went up and talked to him.  We saw Travis Draper and some other recruits.  Oh yeah, the linebacker, Robert Lewis.  It was cool seeing some of the other recruits who are coming into the recruiting class."


WeAreSC- One thing that I heard in the past was that you guys might be graduating early from high school and that you were considering enrolling at USC in January, is there anything new on that?


B. Ting- "Actually, we're on track to graduate early.  We went to summer school to get ahead on some units and we're actually doubling up this year, two history and two literature classes.  We're on track right now to graduate at the semester.  I think that's what we're going to do.  We just want to have that option.  Right now we want to graduate early, but I think we'll decide after the football season."


WeAreSC- But right now, you're leaning towards graduating early?


B. Ting- "We're definitely leaning towards graduating early, because Coach wants us to get in for Spring football and to get some classes in so freshman year is somewhat easier."


WeAreSC- Have you scheduled your official to USC yet?


B. Ting- "We're thinking about scheduling our official for the weekend of Notre Dame.  I'm not sure because that might be the first or second round of our section playoffs." Top Stories