Trojan Update

Click below for a listing of Trojan football news including reports of a possible verbal and the expected announcement on Tuesday of MRI test results for both Shaun Cody and Jacob Rogers

* The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that Roosevelt RB Jody Adewale has given a verbal commitment to the Trojans.  Adewale is known as a bigger running back and has been described as a tailback in a fullbacks body.  Jody has said that both of his parents are USC fans and there is a lot of Trojan memorabilia in their house, he also once attended 32nd Street elementary school near the USC campus.

* Defensive tackle Shaun Cody and Offensive tackle Jacob Rogers underwent MRI exams on Monday to determine the extent of knee injuries that both suffered on Saturday in the win over California.  The results of the tests are expected on Tuesday.

* Kareem Kelly suffered a slight ankle sprain last Saturday and is wearing a protective boot but is expected to play this week. 

* Marcell Allmond will get his first start at cornerback taking over for William Buchanan Top Stories