Quoting Carroll - Wednesday Practice

SCPlaybook's Clay de Leon's transcript from Pete Carroll's post practice comments. Carroll discusses the team's attitude, California Golden Bear's receivers, and much more.


The Change in Attitude on the Practice Field

"Since daylight savings time clicked in, you practice here at night…you harken back to being out here at this time. The tempo seems to shift a little bit and everything seems to be sped up a little bit. I know it's because you're under the lights, but, it just reminds me of the finishes to the seasons and this time of year. The focus appears to be really sharp out here too. I'm really pleased with how we're doing and hopefully it will translate and we'll play well."

"It's a fun time of year and it's always been and we're going to try to get everything we can out of this. You can tell by the way the guys are practicing that they're on to this. We'll see what happens. You can just tell, this time of year, it's just fun."

Adjusting the USC Defense to Cal's Receivers

"We have to adjust every week, we've played these guys for a number of years, and we have a lot of background on them as they do on us. We have things we have to do to take care of the stuff that they feature. When you have all the receivers that they have it makes it harder. " "This is a really, really good group, they always have good receivers but this looks like the best that they've been. So they pose problems for us, there's nowhere you can let up on anyone. They can all strike you with the catch and run or get up on top, this is a big challenge for our guys."

"We've played really well, I'm as confident on our ability to handle these guys as we've ever been. Hopefully we can keep them from having a big day."

"You do have to shift gears a little bit they're different, they're protection oriented. They're very, very good at it and only allowing eight sacks for the year shows that. It's a tremendous stat for this late in the season."

California's Jahvid Best

"They're doing all of the things we've done in the past on the perimeter with a really fast guy. We did it with Reggie (Bush) early on and we've done stuff with Joe (McKnight). So there's a real similarity, they have packages for him that they don't do with their other players. They use him in a unique fashion, he's really fast."

"We knew him in recruiting, we knew all about him. I've seen him play in person in high school and know that he's a great football player. They're fitting him in, he's averaging almost eight yards per carry. You have to ‘watch out' because they're going to use him, give him the chance to make big plays. Very perimeter oriented stuff. He's a very good talent. Looks like Joe (McKnight), same number and all of that. Same size, they both have the same 100 meter times, they're very similar."

Sam Baker's Availability for the Cal Game

"Sam (Baker) will be there with us, I'm not sure if he's going to play."

Having Shareece Wright to Cover Receivers

"Shareece (Wright) is at full speed, so when we go with three corners, we have three starters in the game. Other than his injury time, he's had an excellent year for us. (He's done) a lot of great stuff so that helps us. We feel like we have a chance to match up. Shareece is a big player in all of that. Those guys will be all one-on-ones, and those guys, it will be real exciting to see if we can do well in that situation."

USC Cornerback Shareece Wright

Limiting Deshaun Jackson's Punt Returns Last Year

"We might have been lucky. We have a lot of respect for their return game. We're working real hard to make sure that we're placing the ball well, and doing the things we need to do. Like we did in the past. It's a big discipline aspect, that you have to really maintain it and hope for good fortune with your kicks. We have a lot of respect for them, we know that can change the game. We try going to not let that be a factor in any way that we can. The best way is to not punt."

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