Quoting Carroll: Thursday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll to get his thoughts on Stafon Johnson, Joe McKnight and much more.

Pete Carroll on John David Booty:

"He's had a good week, a really good solid week. His finger looks really good now. It looks like it has quieted down. There is no inflammation in it at all like there was even last week. He feels like he has left that behind him. So that should be a no-issue anyway."

Pete Carroll on the tailback situation:

"We are going with the rotation that we have been going with. Chauncey (Washington) and Joe (McKnight) and Stafon (Johnson) is ready to go now, really a 100 percent week for him and so that's an improvement. He's better than he has been and he feels like that injury is done and behind him."

Pete Carroll on Stafon Johnson:

"His spirit was different about him because he knew he felt good and you could just tell. He's run okay in practice and all but he knew the last couple of weeks that it wasn't as good as it could be. He just felt on Monday and Tuesday that he just had it. You could just tell by his energy and juice on the football field."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight's punt return ability:

"Joe has worked really hard at it all year long and he is a really good catcher. He already had good instincts and good hands but still there is a style to that technique that you have to kind of master. I think Joe's got great awareness back there and great sense and you don't have to give him much room for him to get something going. So we will continue to count on him. He's the right kind of guy to have back there."

Pete Carroll on having Joe McKnight return kickoffs:

"He does that too. He does kickoffs. Rojo (Ronald Johnson) goes first but he (Joe McKnight) is the second guy to go. So he is ready to go if we need him."

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