Returning Home: Appreciating the Coliseum

What a great weekend for the Trojans, coming away with a win over the California Golden Bears (the bear is actually black), and yes, there were Tree Huggers. The University of California sorely needs a new stadium.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

The weekend was perfect, a nice visit to San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. The weather was warm, the days, well, mostly sunny. Gameday, however was a little wet.

Saturday rained lightly. But it rained all day and all through the ball game. This made for an interesting game, one dominated by the run for both teams.

By the time we left the hotel on Sunday morning, the weather cleared up again.

On Tree Huggers

Tree Huggers were there, perched high above reality, living in makeshift tree houses. Their rhetoric was questionable, if not laughable. One yelled somewhat mystically, "We are slowly losing our civil rights!" This made me giggle, then she added, "You are laughing because of the irony of the truth." Actually, I was laughing because they looked pretty funny and goofy, and what exactly they were trying to accomplish somehow got lost in the translation.

Sad Conditions of Memorial Stadium

Everyone got wet in the stadium. Even the pressboxes were only partially protected from the elements, open fronts with no windows, and some seats simply out in the open rain. I got to sit on a chair in the rain with stadium employees cheering and carrying on, standing right behind me. Most stadiums prohibit employees from cheering, and most certainly, never in the press box.

The locker rooms were tiny, inadequate and quite a shambles. I thought for hours, how could I possibly convey in words, how poor the amenities were, when I stumbled across photos from Ben Malcomson's BLOG on Here is a link that will put into pictures, what I find words can not adequately describe: Ben Malcomson's USCRipsit Blog Photos (link)

The facilities at Memorial Stadium are in desperate need of an upgrade.

All in all, it was a great weekend, San Francisco and the Bay Area is a great place to spend time relaxing, but it's certainly great to be back home!

UPDATED: Trojans Invade San Francisco

Saturday, November 10, 2007, 1:00 a.m.

We started off heading to Oakland, but ended up spending the day in San Francisco where thousands of Trojans roamed the streets and enjoyed the great city. Trojans lined the streets of Fisherman's Wharf and Downtown.

Trojans owned the Streets of San Francisco today

We began the day at Fisherman's Wharf, where we enjoyed a Sourdough Bowl of Clam Chowder. As we visited Ghiradelli Square and other spots in the City, we were greeted by hundreds of Trojans roaming the streets.

We spent the day in San Francisco where Trojans descended, in preparation for the showdown with the California Golden Bears Saturday at Berkeley. In the afternoon, we took a tour of the bay, to Alcatraz then the Golden Gate Bridge.

Trojans in San Francisco were treated with two pep rallys. The first rally was the USC Alumni Association's Pep Rally at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. There were about 1,000 Trojans in attendance, the Trojan Marching Band and Troy's former quarterback, Paul McDonald. There waa a second rally which had an attendance of better than 2,000 at Union Square.

The evening ended with dinner in Chinatown. The Weekender is a great trip, if you haven't done it before, plan to do it in the future. San Francisco and Oakland are two of America's great cities.

Next stop, tomorrow: The Trojans Invade Berkeley.

Greetings From Oakland Road Trip Travel Blog

Travel Blog: The San Francisco Weekender

Friday, November 9, 2007

We're off to Oakland for the day, Jack London Square and maybe the UC Berkeley campus. I'll update this report after we sign in at the Alumni Hotel in the City.

Thursday November 8, 2007 11:50

With just two days to kickoff, we decided to rent a car and turn the weekender into a road trip. We will go to the Weekender Pep Rally in San Francisco and send you a report from Fisherman's Wharf.

Thursday 2:40 p.m., - Left the confines of North University Park and headed east on the 10 freeway to the 5 freeway north.

Central California really stinks. Listening to XM radio is healthy through some of these tiny little towns, Laker's coach Phil Jackson wasn't too far off when he called that city up north a "Cow Town" the stench is incredible…

By the time we got to the Tracy exit, the temp dipped considerably, It felt like Northern California.

The first thing we did after checking in to the hotel room was look for a place to eat. We ended up going to a great Italian restaurant on University Avenue called Caffe Venezia in Berkeley, just outside of campus.

The beautiful UC Berkely Campus

We got a lot of stares, since all of us were wearing Cardinal and Gold. The stares were not friendly, and this came from stately looking ‘gentlemen' whom looked like professorial types. Really quite snobby. Honestly. Top Stories