USC-California Post Game Quotes

Kevin Carden brings you post game quotes from the Trojans 24-17 victory over the California Golden Bears.

Pete Carroll on Terrell Thomas' interception:

"You can't find a bigger play in the game on defense than the one Terrell Thomas makes there. It's fitting because he's been such a great player for us and done so many great things and for him to get that chance to come through is awesome."

Pete Carroll on Chauncey Washington's big game:

"The last couple of weeks he has been feeling it. I thought he had one of his best weeks last week and to answer it again this week. You could just tell he was on fire and there was no way we should take the ball out of his hands. So we just rode him and he was up to the task from start to finish. He ran hard all night long dragging tacklers and moving piles."

Pete Carroll on playing in the rain:

"Both teams had trouble with the snap. The ball was a mess. That goes along with a game like this. Unfortunately we lost a couple there but we overcame them with our own turnovers on the other side. So we got three tonight which is big for us."

Chauncey Washington on his last two games:

"You just have to get into a rhythm. I've been getting a lot of carries back-to-back, and I'm comfortable with getting in there. After the first couple games this year, Coach Carroll told me I wasn't running very hard. I picked it up, and I've been practicing running as much as possible in practice, and it's rolled over into the games."

Chauncey Washington on his performance against California:

"This was my best performance at USC. I didn't know how many yards until we came back to the locker room. I never think about that. I just try to do my job and help the team win. I never think about my personal goals because that's when you lose games."

Terrell Thomas on the play of the USC defense:

"I think we made our plays. We got two interceptions and made some plays on the ball. We had a good day out there."

Terrell Thomas on his interception:

"I funneled DeSean (Jackson) inside. He ran a wheel route and they kind of threw it short. I was able to make a play on it and it feels real good."

Stafon Johnson on finishing strong:

"When it was tied up we knew we had to get it going. Coach Carroll always emphasizes the fourth quarter. When we put those four's up in the air it really means something to us. It's time to finish."

Stafon Johnson on Chauncey Washington's performance:

"It was amazing just sitting back and just watching that guy (Chauncey Washington) do his thing." Top Stories