Upon Further Review - Cal Weekender

Clay de Leon reviews the Cal Weekender. The team returned to form, winning a difficult game in the rain at Berkeley.

Upon Further Review - Cal Weekender

Chauncey is the Man

Two hundred and twenty yards, makes one wonder where he's been all season. Chauncey Washington started the season on the injured list, but soon recovered. Saturday in Berkeley was the only game in recent memory, where he had a look on his face that said "give me the ball!" Washington played with a determination so lacking from the tailbacks the last few games.

Stafon Johnson who had nine carries should be back to full strength by the next game which will give the Trojans a 1-2-3 punch in the backfield of Washington, Johnson and Joe McKnight.

Emotions Return

In the chill of a wet evening in Berkeley, Pete and Brennan Carroll met at the endzone next to the Trojan Marching Band and gave each other a huge huge. Players were running on the field, smiling, celebrating and there was a feeling of relief from pulling off a tough one touchdown victory in a rainy, hostile environment.

The emotion, the fire, which had been absent of late, has finally appeared.

John David Booty was solid in the pocket. It could have been easy to crumble and go away, but Booty played a determined game, leading the Trojans on the final deciding touchdown drive in the fourth quarter. Booty played with determine and grit that said ‘we will not lose."

What This Means for the Remainder of the Season

The fire is back and November is here. Stand back, pollsters and enjoy the Pete Carroll show. The Trojans could win out and make an embarrassment of an opposing team in a bowl game.

Odds and Ends

The Tree Huggers are for real. They are perched atop trees just outside of Memorial Stadium. While saving a tree maybe a noble cause, these tree dwellers don't quite get it.

Spewing words such as "our civil rights are slowly being taken away," and "you people laugh because there is truth in the irony." Personally, I laughed because the idea of saving trees that were planted by the university and will be replaced by the university did not seem to be correlated to civil rights in the least. But that's just me.

Not Ready for Prime Time Stadium. Memorial Stadium was built in the 1920's. The facilities could use an upgrade, Tree Huggers notwithstanding.

Tight end Fred Davis has played consistently all season

Fred Davis and Washington were money in the bank. Vidal Hazelton came through when his number was called. On two plays, he found himself alone on the right side without a defender in sight.

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