Quoting Carroll: Monday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Monday's practice to get his thoughts on Sam Baker, Keith Rivers' injury and much more.

Pete Carroll on the passing of Louis Galen:

"Louis Galen passed away today. An enormous loss for the Trojan Family. The guy has been so instrumental in his support and contributing and bringing heart and soul to the program in so many ways. He's been a great friend to the whole family here and so we will miss him tremendously."

Pete Carroll on the week ahead:

"We are going to practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be lighter days in terms of the hitting part of if but we are going to be out here to get the repetitions. Thursday have a normal hitting practice and then finish the week there. We will take Friday and Saturday off and comeback Sunday afternoon."

Pete Carroll on various injuries:

"We expect to see that Sam (Baker) will be able to make it by game time. He is working hard to do that. The one big question mark will be how Keith (Rivers) comes back and also I guess what Clay Mathews can do with his hand in a cast."

Pete Carroll on Sam Baker:

"I'm sure that he won't do much tomorrow. He will see the doctors tomorrow night and see where he is. But it would really benefit us to wait and just give him all this time and he can get all the way through the weekend and if he could come back by Sunday or something like that would be great. That's probably what we are doing here."

Pete Carroll on Chauncey Washington:

"Chauncey's (Washington) really, really caught on to it. He's really attacking and hitting the line of scrimmage and making a physical presence for us in the run game. That's always been something that we've had when we we're good. I think this is by far the best we've seen him since he's been here."

Pete Carroll on the play of the offensive line:

"They had a really good game. They did very well. They made a lot of really nice decisions and adjustments during the game. On Chauncey's (Washington) big run they made a particularly good read on the defense that they had. That's why it broke. So it was a very good day for the guys and no sacks and all that too."

Pete Carroll on the play of the seniors:

"I think we are fortunate that our seniors are playing really good football here at the end of their career. It means a lot to these guys. They really want to finish on a high note and they've really kind of captured the theme of this finish. It's been fun to see these guys pick it up. I'm real proud of the guys."

Pete Carroll on having a healthy team:

"It's a thrill for us because we struggled through the middle of the season with all the uncertainty of guys and we almost pulled it off. We weren't quite able to. Now that we are feeling strong they look better. We look more confident and we look stronger. We are playing faster and it's clear."

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