Tim Floyd's Post-Practice Quotes

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Basketball Coach Tim Floyd to get his thoughts on the return of Daniel Hackett, the progress of Davon Jefferson and much more.

Tim Floyd on Daniel Hackett's status:

"We are going to play him a few minutes. I don't know long but we are going to play him some. I don't know what his stamina will be like but just his energy and his purpose on the court and his understanding. You know without even practicing he has a better understanding than some of our freshmen right now about how we want to try to play and that's important right now for a young team."

Tim Floyd on the progress of Davon Jefferson and Marcus Simmons:

"They are still behind and we will weigh both of them independently of each other in terms of where they are and play them minutes according to situations and things that we feel they have a grasp of. We aren't going to reward playing time just because they are healthy. They have to learn and understand what we are doing first."

Tim Floyd on Davon Jefferson's potential:

"He's going to be a great player here. He is going to be a great player but there's no need to just throw a guy out there until he understands. We need to qualify this by saying the guy has missed fourteen practices. We know who he is. He's a very good talent."

Tim Floyd on playing The Citadel:

"We are going to have to make great strides to beat The Citadel right now based on where we were last Saturday. We couldn't have beaten many people."

Tim Floyd on preparing for The Citadel:

"I have not watched them (The Citadel) yet. When you get beat by Mercer you watch tape on yourselves, and that's what we've done. We have got to get ourselves better. We got to learn how to play. We have got to learn how to guard people. We will continue to work on us until we get to a point where we can start focusing on our opponent."

Tim Floyd on the importance of Daniel Hackett's return:

"He will tell guys where they are supposed to be and he will demand that from other players. He will help our basketball team. Whether or not we get to a point where we can win games? I don't know if he is Superman but he will help us because he understands how we are trying to play."

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