Quoting Carroll: Wednesday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Wednesday's practice to get his thoughts on Keith Rivers, Arizona State and much more.

Pete Carroll on the bye week:

"We knocked out a pretty good day's work here. We are going to have a practice tomorrow. That will culminate the week and then we will take a couple of days off. It's gone well. It has been good to get the guys through practice and good to see a lot of guys get the reps. It's working out like we had hoped and we are able to rest a few guys that needed it as well."

Pete Carroll on the status of Taylor Mays' ankle:

"His ankle is a little bit sore. He tried to go yesterday and he made it through it alright. So he can practice but it wasn't helping him out so we will sit him out."

Pete Carroll on the importance of Keith Rivers:

"He has had a fantastic year. I can't even imagine going through this year without him. His leadership and hard work ethic that he passes on, his seriousness about the game and how important it is to him passed on to the young guys is really, really valuable. He's really an obvious leader on the team. He's had a very good year despite playing with a bum ankle all year long and he's had a lot of plays, a lot of big hits and been very, very consistent for us."

Pete Carroll on the return of Martin Coleman:

"It's great to have him out here. Gosh we finally have him out and I know Pat's (Ruel) really excited about his foot quickness. His weight's down and he looks solid and he is much stronger then he was when he came in and all of that. He's an exciting guy to add. We really were looking forward to developing him during the year and seeing where he fit in and all of that."

Pete Carroll on Kyle Moore's injury:

"He got hit on the ulnar nerve and it's just caused some real discomfort with his hand movements. So he is wearing a special brace for it right now. He could still clasp real well. He doesn't open his hand as well as he would like to. He's got a test coming up I think it's like Monday or something like that. They had to wait a certain amount of time to test this thing and find out what kind of activity there is in the nerve. He got bruised on it and then he got hit again on it and so it's bothering him still. I don't know what that means for the game but he played with it last week."

Pete Carroll on the players that have stood out during practice:

"Damian Williams and Brandon Carswell have really stood out. Those guys have done well. We have seen them in service team all along but those guys have had a chance and also you can see Aaron Corp is coming around too. He's much stronger already than he was when he got here. Throwing the ball more firmly and you can see his foot quickness too. We aren't accustomed to seeing; we haven't had many guys that run very well. He's the fastest guy that we have had in a while."

Pete Carroll on Marc Tyler's running style:

"I think he looks like kind of a classic tailback, more in the mold of Chauncey (Washington). He can do all of the stuff. I think he is going to be a good blocker. He can catch the football fine. I don't think he is going to be the kind of guy that we are going to split out a whole lot. Although he has done that a lot in his past and he really has great hands. So we will be able to throw the ball to him. I think he is going to probably weigh about 225 lbs. and be a pretty good size kid."

Pete Carroll on Arizona State's defense:

"They have been really good against the rush and they have been a good solid defense. They don't look vulnerable at all."

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