Thursday Practice Report – Back to Business

Trojans returned to game speed in anticipation of the matchup against the Sundevils on Thanksgiving Day. Most of the 1st team players returned to the lineup. The team will take Friday and Saturday off then return to practice on Sunday.

Thursday Practice Report – Back to Business

Trojans Take Two-Day Break Friday and Saturday

Returning to Normal Mode

After a week of lighter practice, the Trojans picked up speed and put on the helmets to get back to the normal practice routine. There was less of the 2nd-3rd teams and more 1st team work on the field.

The intensity level moved closer to game speed and the first team had most of the repetitions today. Coaches readied to visit high schools as the team takes Friday and Saturday off.

John David Booty took the majority of the first team reps and Mark Sanchez backed him up. Coach Carroll explained earlier in the week that today's schedule would be more like game practice and the team will revert to the norm, as they prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day showdown with Arizona State University.

Special Teams Work

Special teams worked on punting and kicking and coverage. Damian Williams and Joe McKnight returned punts and Ronald Johnson, Desmond Reed and McKnight handled kicks. Hershel Dennis has been working out with the special teams unit.

Help on the Sidelines

Receiving attention for varying degrees of injuries or ailments: Alfred Rowe, Keith Rivers, Kyle Moore, Scott Stevens and Travon Patterson.

Keith Rivers

Pete Carroll said Keith Rivers would try to make a comeback on Sunday. Sam Baker continues to try to return to the lineup.

Team Practice

During the team portion of practice, Booty took the first team reps. the offensive line consisted of Butch Lewis, Jeff Byers, Matt Spanos, Chilo Rachal and Drew Radovich. Joe McKnight, Stafon Johnson and Patrick Turner stood out during this session.

Mark Sanchez took second team snaps. His main target was Allen Bradford. Marc Tyler got a nice run off with this unit.

Mitch Mustain got some work in with the next unit and threw a couple of nice passes to Damian Williams; Brandon Carswell also caught a nice pass.

Damian Williams

Finally, Aaron Corp got some work in, pitching to Tyler for a nice run, and connected with Carswell and Damian Williams. Williams' catch was in the endzone.

End of the Line

At the end of practice Coach Carroll gathered the team for a long huddle. The team will take the next two days off and reconvene on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming match-up in the desert against the ASU Sundevils. Top Stories