Pete Carroll Post Practice Comments

Coach Pete Carroll comments on injuries to Sam Baker and Keith Rivers, progress of David Ausberry and Lou Galen's memorial service.

Team's Practice this week.

"We made it through the week in good shape here. We got the things done we needed to get done, got a little bit of running and hitting today."

"We get to go into this weekend to mend and be even more healthy than we have been. I hope this time will help a couple of the guys that have been banged up; Sammy (Baker) and Keith (Rivers), we'll see. A lot of other guys got to rest also, so we should be in really good shape coming back and put together a really good week of preparation. (We'll) hopefully take a really good break and bank on that helped us and get ready for a big opportunity in Arizona."

Sam Baker's Recovery

"Sam (Baker) got a good sweat going and all, we'll see. He's been restricted because he can't run, which he doesn't have to do a lot of in his position. Some of the movements in the interior – he can do that stuff already. He's got a really good chance to play, hopefully we can get him to the game and keep him healthy through the game. I would be surprised if he doesn't play. I don't know how close he is to 100% at this time."

Keith Rivers' Recovery

"Keith (Rivers), I don't know. Keith wants to practice Sunday, we'll see what happens."

David Ausberry's Progress

"Other guys have just kind of taken a step ahead of him. He's still a very good player. All of the things we are hopeful for are still out there for us. Patrick (Turner) moved him back and Vidal (Hazelton) emerging and Ronald Johnson moving up too, has taken some of his snaps. I think it's just a matter of time."

"I think David needs a lot of reps to really feel comfortable with all the things that he can do. We're really encouraged about his future, he's got really good stuff. He's big and strong and can make plays, it just hasn't come together yet for him. We're still hopeful, I know he'll be able to help us a lot in the future."

Lou Galen Memorial

"We went to Lou Galen's funeral today. It was a really touching ceremony, all of his close friends in the Trojan Family were really strong, the band was there. It was a big event, really a beautiful ceremony for his family, all his kids were there."

Again, we're just going miss all that he brought and the spirit that was so deeply woven into the Trojan Family. The guy loved ‘SC and he obviously did so much for the school, everybody's going to miss him dearly. Top Stories