Manager Blog - Bye Week

Student quarterback manager Matthew Burkhard brings you an inside view of Trojan Football from a manager's vantage point. Everyone enjoys the two-day break the bye week afforded.

The USC Student Managers are at the end of their week, enjoying a long-awaited break. The bye-week for the football team has given the managers both Friday and Saturday off before they return to a normal practice on Sunday.

Because the next game at Arizona State is on a Thursday, our practice schedule will be shifted so that Sunday's practice will run like a normal Tuesday and so on until the Thanksgiving game day.

This post-Cal week was a good one for the team as well as the student managers. There is a renewed sense of excitement in the air as we all enjoy the feeling of a satisfying win.

The only setback of the week was the need to break in brand new balls for quarterbacks and receivers. The balls that had been used in Berkley were waterlogged and useless, so managers have been putting extra hours in to break in the new rocks.

Because of the bye-week, no helmet cleaning or peach picking was necessary. We never really like to break the routine, but this small break was nothing to complain about.

With the extra time on Thursday, we all got together after practice to run a few plays in preparation for the upcoming game against UCLA's managers. It gave us a good idea of the strengths of each player, and we look forward in combining them effectively against UCLA.

We reconvene on Sunday at the normal time to begin the road to Arizona. I'm looking forward to having a great week and a great competition on Thursday. Top Stories