Quoting Carroll: Monday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after Monday's practice. Hear what Carroll has to say about Keith Rivers, Sam Baker and much more.

Pete Carroll on USC's preparation for Arizona State:

"We are working hard to be in the mindset that today is a Wednesday for us. So we aren't looking at the calendar or the newspaper or that kind of stuff. Just trying to shift gears and make sure we are doing a good job of that. Practice feels like it, they are preparing like it and the guys are tuned in like it. We just want to make sure we keep pounding it home so that we aren't surprised by all of the sudden it's game time. We have worked hard at that and guys have really responded well. We have had really good practices, really good tempo and a lot of playmaking. Guys are fresh and they just feel better. It gives a chance to play well and feel strong about our opportunity."

Pete Carroll on Keith Rivers' status:

"He felt better today. He made it through the early practice stuff. We are just kind of tippy toeing through this thing right now and seeing what happens. Tomorrow he needs to run around more and see where he is but he made it through everything he did today and he feels better then he did yesterday. He is still very iffy if he can make it or not."

Pete Carroll on Sam Baker's availability:

"Sam did a lot of work today. Sam is in good shape and if he makes it through tomorrow's practice he is playing."

Pete Carroll on the linebacker situation without Keith Rivers:

"Kaluka (Maiava) is going to start and Thomas (Williams) is ready to play. Depending on how it goes and how it feels we would love to get Malcolm (Smith) in the game and play. He's done some remarkably good things here like I have been saying the last few weeks. I would love for him to play at that spot. It depends on the situations and all that kind of stuff. What's going on, how the game is going, what kind of game it is. Thomas' (Williams) experience is invaluable to us right now. If Kaluka had to come out early Thomas is going right in there. Then as we see how the game is going then we try and get Malcolm some playing time and see how he does."

Pete Carroll on Malcolm Smith:

"He weighs 220 and he hits like he is a lot heavier than he looks. He is a very exciting young player for us. He's so naturally instinctive that things just come to him easily. He reminds us of some of the guys that have played before him. So we are anxious to see in time when he gets a chance to compete and he really gets comfortable with what is going on, to see how he fits in. He has had an impressive freshman year for us."

Pete Carroll on Chauncey Washington:

"Chauncey (Washington) brings a real good attitude to our football team. He runs tough and physical and attacks the line of scrimmage. Always carrying tacklers with him and always making extra yards. He brings a kind of energy about our run game into our offense that I think we always need. That is what we look to him for."

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