If I Were Coach, I'd Run Washington

Clay de Leon muses about the tailback position, wide receivers, instilling a sense of urgency to players, and much more...

If I Were Coach I'd Run Chauncey Washington All Day Long

Chauncey Washington is feeling it. He's calling for the ball. Washington is coming off a season high 220 yards. Just give him the ball. Let him run it until the Sun Devils stop him (which could be next year).

After Washington pounds the ASU defense into submission, I'd continue the onslaught with Stafon Johnson, who runs with power, but has great field vision. Just to confuse the defense, I would throw Joe McKnight in to get some speed yardage.

This should open up the lanes for the passing game. Run, run, run…

If I Were Coach I'd Go to Ronald Johnson, Downtown

Freshman Ronald Johnson has been finding the holes on kickoff returns the last few weeks. Throw him the ball a few times in the game. He'll find the same holes in the ASU secondary.

If I Were Coach I'd Apply a Steady Dose of Griffin and Safety/Corner Blitzes

I'd try my best to shake up ASU quarterback Rudy Carpenter. Confusing him with blitzes and applying heavy front four rushing, I would be relentless in throwing Carpenter off rhythm. The best PC defense is the defense that goes after the quarterback.

Kevin Ellison

If I Were Coach I'd Continue to Encourage the Wide Receivers

Patrick Turner and Vidal Hazelton have done an adequate job this year as wide receivers. With three games left, adequate isn't enough. I would work with the receivers, talk them up, somehow find their confidence, and squeeze a hundred yards out of both of these receivers.

Vidal Hazelton

If I Were Coach, I'd Remind the Players There's Just Three Games Left

I would light a fire under the seat of the offensive skill position players. There are just two regular season games left and the Bowl game. Remind the guys – that's it – three games. If they win out, they will redeem themselves. I would instill in them the urgency of making every play count from here on out.

If I Were Coach, I'd Still Consider the Two-Tailback Option

Last week I wondered about having two tailbacks in the I-Formation. This week, I would expand that to mean any two back set the Trojans now run. Nothing fancy, just two tailbacks coming at the defense. It has to be discouraging for opposing defenses to look at Washington and Johnson coming at them. Or Washington and McKnight – who would you key on? Tough decision.

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