Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

Post practice comments from Pete Carroll including the status of Sam Baker, Keith Rivers and much more...

Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

Sam Baker Will Make a Start

"Sam Baker will start, we'll watch to see how he's doing and try not to get him over tired. I'd love to see him play a good portion of the game. Butch (Lewis) got some work at practice today, near the end, but will be ready to play."

Kaluka Maiava Starting the Game

"Keith (Rivers) got some work at practice today at the end of it. He's not 100% but he did practice today so we'll see how that works out. We're going to start Kaluka (Maiava), and see if Keith can get some playing time. Keith got some practice time, but Kaluka got the work, we'll go that way, we'll see if Keith can help us in the game."

"He's played a lot, he's been in every game, he's a very active football player, he's tough and moves well, real instinctive. I think he's going to do fine, I think he'll play real well in this game. He's had all of the critical repetitions for the game plan for the off week and this week, it's the most consistent work he's had with the first group. He's ready to go. By game time we'll see how it goes, if (Keith) is well, he'll play some."

"Really good work, this is Thursday, we get them in the right mindset, we leave about 2:15 tomorrow, so we're underway for Arizona."

Kyle Moore's Recuperation-Everson Griffen Gets the Start

"Kyle Moore's going to play in the game. Everson (Griffen) will start, but Kyle (Moore) will play. They have to wrap him up (Moore) real well, they've got a way to do it, and he'll play. He got a lot of work in the week, he didn't have any contact to make sure we wouldn't have another episode, but he'll play."

"We're going to get Everson to start in Arizona, so that's going to be kind of cool to see that for him. He's been in a bunch of games, he's played in every game, he started in the opener, I think he'll be fine."

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