Quoting Carroll: Monday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Monday's practice to get the coaches thoughts on a playoff system, UCLA and much more.

Pete Carroll on preparing for UCLA:

"We come back today as a team and treat this kind of like a bonus Monday. We get a little bit extra work. We finished the film last night and we are right on to the game plan. We will do our normal instillation of the game plan on Tuesday but we are a little bit ahead. We have taken advantage of the break and so we are ready to go and feeling pretty strong and healthy. We want everybody to really enjoy the heck out of this week in terms of the preparation and the hard work and really applying themselves to the game plan."

Pete Carroll on the match up against UCLA:

"It's really an exciting match up for all of the obvious reasons and you throw into that it's also the seniors last opportunity in the Coliseum. There is a lot going on. So we addressed those things today in our meetings and recognized them, and then we are going to kind of put them off to the side for a while here and get ready to play a really good football game."

Pete Carroll on honoring the seniors:

"We have been recognizing the seniors and their finish to their careers for a month now. So that we don't have to have an enormous celebration that makes a guy breakdown and cry for the first quarter like Matt Leinart. So we are trying to avoid that a little bit."

Pete Carroll on whether USC will use revenge as motivation:

"Not a bit. We don't have to talk about it. I don't talk about anything that has happened in the past. So I am not going to talk about that."

Pete Carroll on last year's game against UCLA:

"They did really well. I thought that they played a great game and they played it the way they wanted to. They kept it close and kept the score down and did a fine job. They didn't make any of the critical errors that you make in a close game like that and came through and played a beautiful game."

Pete Carroll on the play of UCLA:

"They are really playing well. They are very, very difficult. Look what they just did, they shut down Oregon and did it easily. I thought they did it with grace almost. The game was never even close so we know that they have it in them to play great football. We have seen them play great football so we have a lot of respect for what they can do. If anything that's what you take from last year. You know that they are good enough to throw up a heck of a football game and beat you."

Pete Carroll on a playoff system:

"There's a number of places around the country that would be clamoring right now for playoff opportunities for all of the obvious reasons. A playoff system is one that would tell you who is playing the best at the end of the year, who is the best team and who is the hardest to beat at the end of the whole thing. That's all any of us would ever want. Every coach in America would say the same thing ‘we just want a chance to play for it.' This may be one of the better examples in years to make the statement."

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