Manager's Blog - Troy Week

USC Football Quarterback Manager, Matt Burkhard looks back on the season and how quickly it has gone by. Burkhard looks forward to this weekend's USC vs. UCLA rivalry week.

It has come so quickly.

It is the last week of the regular season and the USC Student Managers are wondering how it has gone by so fast... but before they can focus too much attention on that, there is one more game to play... (or three if you count the bowl game and our manager game against UCLA this Thursday).

Today's practice was run a little different than a usual Monday, but on top of breaking out and scrubbing in new balls and some new field equipment, the changes are like second nature to the managers now. Having gone through week-in and week-out of ups, downs, and all-arounds, the managers are able to make any changes at the drop of a hat.

One thing for sure about life as a football manager is that it teaches us how to adapt to new situations in a heartbeat. The USC Football program is second-to-none and as such, is run like none other in the country. We have been fortunate to be close enough to the program to be greatly affected by it.

Andy Benitez, USC's linebackers manager agrees. He says "[being part of the program] teaches you to be flexible. Game plan changes, you have to roll with the punches and still be intense to get your job done - all while being scrutinized by men who are masters of their craft. We have to always be perfect and know our job well enough to call our own audibles." This is just one of the many benefits that have come from being a manager.

Another part of the job is coming up at the end of this week - we look forward to our annual USC v. UCLA managers football game this Thursday. The managers spent some time after the short Monday practice to run some routes and see what we have for the game. A number of the managers are either sick, injured, or both, but we plan on bringing everything we've got to the field for the game.

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