Quoting Carroll: Wednesday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice on Wednesday to get the coaches thoughts on a possible move to the Rose Bowl, preparing for UCLA and much more.

Pete Carroll on Wednesday' practice:

"We had a really good practice today particularly down at the defensive end and the service team did a great job. We shifted a couple of guys around to make sure we got the right looks. We traded some personnel. Allen Bradford came down and ran with us today to make sure we had a great look, which he did a beautiful job of. Malcolm Smith went up on the other end to make sure that he gave them a great look at linebacker. Guys are all contributing in their ways to make this a very special preparation and make sure we get the very most out of this week."

Pete Carroll on Chilo Rachal and Drew Radovich:

"A couple of guys are sick. You saw Chilo (Rachal) was sick again today and (Drew) Radovich made it through most of the practice but he had some stomach issues too. I hope those guys will come back raring to go here but Chilo did miss a couple of days here but I think he will be alright."

Pete Carroll on the possible move to the Rose Bowl:

"I don't have enough information to even talk about it at this point. This is in the business rooms right now and they are talking about trying it figure it out. I don't know anything about it really."

Pete Carroll on Fili Moala:

"They think he is going to be alright and they just want to really make sure he is clear. We don't want to take any chances needlessly so they are protecting him all week."

Pete Carroll on Keith Rivers and Sam Baker:

"They have had really good weeks. Keith (Rivers) looks great. He's bounced right back and Sam (Baker) is really fired up that he is making it through the week. They have one more day to get through but I expect those guys to play full time."

Pete Carroll on the week's practices:

"I just wanted to make sure we keep building. This was particularly good. We had great practices last week. I thought yesterday was good and today was even better than yesterday's, the intensity of it and the consistent effort. You can feel the guys and their concern and their sense of urgency and that's what you are looking for at this time."

Pete Carroll on moving Luthur Brown to outside linebacker:

"He has worked there all week and he's done a really good job out there. He looks really comfortable playing out there. I have been really surprised at how natural he moved there and jumped in assignment-wise and adjustment-wise. He's looked very good. Thomas (Williams) has talked that he (Luthur Brown) is going to take over for Thomas as the most versatile linebacker in the program. It's good. It's really helpful. It's like having a couple of extra guys."

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