Quoting Carroll: Thursday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Thursday's practice to get his thoughts on UCLA, the tribute to Mario Danelo and Drean Rucker and much more.

Pete Carroll on preparing for UCLA:

"It has been a very upbeat, strong week for us. I'm really pleased with the work that we have had, good tempo and all that stuff. It feels really good. We will just wrap it up with our review tomorrow and head on out and get this thing going. It's amazing. The week just flew by. It has been fun and exciting now we just have to turn that into a great football game."

Pete Carroll on the health of the offensive line:

"It was good to get Chilo (Rachal) back. He's okay and no problem with Sammy (Baker). We had a couple of sick days which in the long run of things the couple of days off their feet might help them a little bit too."

Pete Carroll on Fili Moala and Keith Rivers:

"Fili (Moala) was fine today. He is back. Keith was a little sore today after the work during the week so we quieted him down some but he still will play. I plan on him starting."

Pete Carroll on the matchup with UCLA:

"There is a lot of stuff on this game. There is a lot going on here, the fact that it is for so much in the Pac-10. This is a very exciting matchup and opportunity for us and I am thrilled that we are playing here at the Coliseum."

Pete Carroll on the difference between this year and last year's preparation:

"I was much more concerned last year at this time. We had worked hard that week but I was very concerned last year. I didn't feel as good about our preparation the last time around. The last game sometimes can be different but this one doesn't feel like it. It feels like we are being built up for a championship game."

Pete Carroll on the tribute to Mario Danelo and Drean Rucker:

"I think it is going to be a really nice tribute. They are going to be with us in the tunnel and the families are going to come down last and they will come down together. I had a chance to visit with Joe and Emily (Danelo) the other day when they were here and Andre (Rucker), Drean's dad today. It's an extraordinary tragedy for their families and any joy that we can be a part of generating and help them continue to feel a part of the Trojan Family is worth it. I hope it is meaningful and special for them."

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