Quoting Carroll: UCLA Post Game

The Trojans are Rose Bowl bound after a convincing 24-7 victory over the crosstown rival UCLA Bruins. Here what USC Head Coach Pete Carroll had to say about the big win, playing in the Rose Bowl and much more.

Pete Carroll on the seniors:

"This is a really proud moment for our football program and school and for our kids in that locker room, particularly the seniors. This has got to be one of the winningest senior classes of all time. They've just been champions the whole time they have been here. Herschel has been a champion for six years. That has got to be unprecedented. There has been so many moments and memories that have come from the time they have been here. These guys have really jumped up and took a tremendous step in the role of leading. Not just by saying something to a young kid but by the way they work and by the love and heart they have brought to our meetings and practices and this whole process that we go through. It was really extraordinary. In the middle of the year you would never have thought, I don't think anybody around here (media) was thinking that we are going to be champions this year but those guys knew we could be. They just did a marvelous job. Lawrence Jackson, Sedrick (Ellis), John David (Booty), and Sammy (Baker) and all of the guys across the board. Freddy Davis played great down the stretch and so many guys contributed."

Pete Carroll on being Pac-10 Champions:

"There is nothing we like more than winning championships. I know everybody talks about all the rest of the stuff but we don't have control of that other stuff. What we do have control of is this Pac-10 and every chance we get we want to win this thing and get ourselves in that Rose Bowl and own that Rose Bowl. We are blessed to have that opportunity and just really deeply proud about that."

Pete Carroll on the Dorrell situation:

"I feel like it is a horrible challenge with all the talk radio and internet buzz coming after him. I know what it feels like. I mean he was down to his fourth quarterback this year. What else was he supposed to do? There are a lot of families affected by it all."

Pete Carroll on the USC fans:

"The fans were awesome today. Around the Coliseum it was so exciting. We couldn't even get in through the Trojan Walk. You could barely get to the Coliseum. They wouldn't even let us in they were around us so much and grabbing and clawing at us and all."

Pete Carroll on USC's improvement throughout the season:

"We got better. We are better than we have been at any time during this year. There is just something really special about this team."

Pete Carroll on wanting to continue to play:

"We would play anybody, anywhere, anytime. I know this isn't the system and we don't get to but we wish we could. We wish we could keep playing. We won't be crying about it or nothing but this is a statement about the competitors wanting to keep playing or battle it out."

Pete Carroll on the UCLA game:

"You got a great day out of the defense and a really good solid offensive day. We ran the ball for about 200 or something, 220 or something like that which is a really good effort against these guys. We have a lot of respect for their defense and the way that they do it and DeWayne (Walker) has done a great job over there and they are difficult to go against. Today we had a much better day than we did last time we played against them."

Pete Carroll on the play of Terrell Thomas:

"Terrell was another senior playing a great game down the stretch for us, as you saw with his two turnovers today. He's called some shots for us this year and he always shows up."

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