Quoting Carroll: Rose Bowl Edition

Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Sunday's BCS selection show. Hear what Pete Carroll has to say about playing Illinois, the Rose Bowl and the BCS system.

Pete Carroll on playing in the Rose Bowl:

"We are thrilled to be going to the Rose Bowl. It's a great reward for our season to go there and we will have a great time doing it… Frankly I like that it's Pac-10 and Big Ten. I think that's cool that that's the way it came off. So we are fired up about it and we are going to have fun with it and have a great time in preparation."

Pete Carroll on the BCS System:

"The format doesn't allow for who may be playing the best at the end of the season. All playoff systems have that in mind; they are going to find out who the best team is at the end of the playoffs. That is not what this system does. This system chooses the teams based on their seasons…. The BCS system is what it is and it is the best that people can put together and they have done everything they can to make it a good one and there are still issues. There are issues every year and they come out different sizes and shapes. This isn't just about USC. There are a number of teams that have had great seasons that would like to keep playing right now and see who the top team is."

Pete Carroll on Illinois:

"We are going to be playing Illinois, who had a fantastic season they have nothing but a highlight coach and players on both sides of the ball. Juice Williams and Rashard Mendenhall, the top player in their conference. The rookie of the year in their conference (Arrelious Benn) and probably the best defensive player and maybe the best linebacker in the country in Leman."

Pete Carroll on Illinois' turnaround season:

"They have had a huge year. A big up swing in their momentum and I think it's the biggest turnaround from one year to the next. They have done a lot of great things so they will come in here raring to go."

Pete Carroll on a playoff system:

"I'm just in favor of having a playoff system because we are competitors. We compete and don't know any other way. We want to try and win as long as you can and find out who is on top at the end. Whether we are apart of it or not, this isn't just for us this is for all of the teams. Every sport in college sports has a playoff. Every professional team has a playoff system and we don't. I'm just speaking out because I am a competitor and I think that is the way we should do it but I don't have any power or anything, and I have no solution on how to get there. I just like to keep saying it because it is the way I feel about it."

Pete Carroll on Illinois quarterback Juice Williams:

"I have just seen highlights. He is an impact player that can make things happen and he has got really good skill guys around him in Rashard (Mendenhall) and Arrelious (Benn) and those guys. That makes for a tough formula. That's why they have had such a good year."

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