Pete Carroll post game comments

"Tony Boselli stuck his head in the bus yesterday just before we left and told our team that the guys in the NFL are proud again, they're proud of the way we're playing and they're talking some smack again. That's just a great message for our kids to hear, you know."

Petros "I thought stopping the run was the key to victory tonight.  You held them to negative yards rushing, was that the plan coming into the game?"


Carroll "Well, it was really an important aspect of it.  They had been talking about how they wanted to establish the running game back in order so I loved the fact that we nailed it.  To make them one-dimensional was key, if they could run the football with all the passing firepower they have I figured it could be very difficult.  We really picked our shots, figuring they would run the football, which they did, and it worked out real well because we played much better up front then them."


Petros "Coach, did you expect to see Troy Polamalu out there as much with his ankle sprain?"


Carroll "This is really something.  I mean he hobbled around all week, on the Tuesday practice he got out there and could barely run but once he got warmed up he started moving around and thought "hey, I got a shot here, maybe I can make it."  As the week went on he was still hobbled but by game time he was flying, that interception was just an exceptional return.  What a great boost for out football team to see him running around back there, they were fired up that he was playing."


McDonald "Talk about the performance of the d-line, that's a lot of running around for guys who are chasing a QB who is throwing 60 times in a game."


Carroll "I thought it was obvious that Shaun wasn't out there.  I really do, he is such an impact player that we need to pick it up.  We had a lot of shots at these guys while they were holding the ball, our pressure was constant but it wasn't as big as we needed.  They seemed pretty comfortable sitting back there throwing the ball.  When we got them out of their run game I thought we would be able to pressure them more, we did very poorly in our blitzes unfortunately, so it made for a four-man rush day.  It was a battle, we kept them dumping the ball, we got three sacks."


McDonald "Let's talk about the kickers."


Carroll "I loved the kickers today, I thought they were great.  Tommy bombed the ball when we needed it and our coverage was excellent for the most part.  We got relaxed on one coverage and they popped it 50 or 60 yards but overall I'm really pleased.  It was nice to see Ryan (Kileen) hit everything so firm, he got drilled on that one and comes off holding his ribs but then he comes back to nail a couple out of the end zone. 


McDonald "Comment on the performance on offense of Carson Palmer and Mike Williams."


Carroll "I think Carson is a stud, man, he's a great quarterback.  He's come to the point in his career where he banks on his background, he's so calm and so poised in the game.  You can tell him whatever you need to tell him, adjust whatever you need to adjust and he can get it done.  He stood like a stud in the pocket and waited for Mike to get open on that first touchdown, it was just perfectly executed.  I loved that we were able to draw them up a few times and get behind them with a couple balls.  Mike Williams is just a fantastic player, for a young kid to be doing what he's doing, it's just remarkable but he's never shown us anything but this.  From once he got started every day in practice has been the same thing, he's just a big time player and he hasn't looked back.  That just a big day, a fantastic day. He's gonna have a big time career here."


Arbogast "Talk about the defense when Washington was making a comeback."


Carroll "Yeah, we had one big mistake in there, the whole thinking when you're that far ahead is don't let them score easily.  We mixed our coverages, we tried getting after them but it didn't work so we just had to play coverages and Williams got behind Marcell on that one.  Part of the problem is that we wore Marcell out today, I mean he was on every special team and playing all day against the big gun.  He did a nice job but that was one play that made a difference."


Arbogast "Did it mean anything to have all those SC Hall of Famers walking around today?"


Carroll "Just as I'm walking in here I'm shaking hands with Richard Wood and Sam Cunningham is walking through the door.  Tony Boselli stuck his head in the bus yesterday just before we left and having those guys around makes it so real for our players.  Boselli told our team that the guys in the NFL are proud again, they're proud of the way we're playing and they're talking some smack again.  That's just a great message for our kids to hear, you know."


Arbogast "Some fans would find it interesting that you stay in a hotel the night before a home game, why is that?"


Carroll "Because we can control every step of the way in preparation for the game. When they leave the practice field on Thursday and right through Friday and up until game time we control it to make sure our mindset is focused on what we're doing.  It's so easy for our young guys to get distracted, I mean check this out, we are checking into the hotel yesterday and JLo is checking in to Marriot as well.  Our guys went crazy.  I told them I'll take care of JLo and they should just focus on the game.  If Jennifer Lopez couldn't throw us off then we're in pretty good shape with our focus right now."


Arbogast "I know this was a big win and you focus one game at a time but was it hard not to look ahead to such a big game with Oregon next week?"


Carroll "It was really important to me in my mind to get this win today so we could go up there with the chance to get be even with them by beating them.  It already got done by Arizona State so now we can put them behind us.  This is a really important stretch for our football team to make a statement that we've arrived.  Let's go get those guys.  It's a huge, huge opportunity for us and we're gonna get after it." Top Stories