Holiday Drive for Ricky Rosas

Holiday Gift Drive for USC waterboy/Gatorade bartender, Ricky Rosas, who has been a volunteer for two years.

USC supporters have the opportunity to assist Ricky Rosas this Holiday Season.

(By LQ Singian - WeAreSC Reporter)

This is for anyone interested in helping out the family of Trojan Ricky Rosas, whose story has touched the lives of many across the country. In a collaborative effort between,, and, we've come up with a few things we'll be doing for the Rosas Family.

We'd appreciate any way you'd be willing to contribute. Our efforts are aimed towards providing both (1) Immediate Assistance (through a Holiday Drive December 16, 2007), and (2) Long Term Assistance (through a job for Ricky's mom and a possible Fund/Foundation):


Holiday Drive For Ricky Rosas and Family*

Sunday, December 16, 2007

11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Los Angeles Sports Arena, Parking Lot 6 Area (Look for the USC Tent)**

Let's make this an extra special Holiday season to remember for the Rosas Family. Please stop by the Parking Area Outside of Lot 6 of the Los Angeles Sports Arena (best accessible through the Hoover Street entrance) on Sunday, December 16, 2007, between 11am - 3pm, to drop off any of the following goods/gifts, which will be taken later that day to the Rosas Family. Look for the USC Tent. If you intend on bringing any large items, please email us in advance ( to coordinate, so that 50 different people don't show up with sofas when the Rosas residence can only fit so much at this time:

- Twin-Sized Bed

- Sofa or Daybed that folds open into a bed


- DVD/VCR Player

Additional gifts we suggest from having spoken to the Family:

- Checks made payable directly to "Ricky Rosas" or his mother, "Michelle Jones"

- Gift Cards

- Nicky is a fan of Bratz Dolls and Wrestling

- Xbox games (another item being donated is an Xbox)

- Newer Computer

- USC Merchandise is always good

Sit n Sleep will be donating two sets of mattresses and box springs. Additionally, Security 1 is donating a home security system and one year of service.

We are looking for volunteers to help with moving around the items donated, and also people who have trucks or a Uhaul that can help transport the goods to the Rosas Family.

PLEASE BE AWARE that any gifts/checks/goods you bring to the Drive are considered "gifts," and not charitable contributions for personal tax benefits.


There are two main ways we thought of to help the family out long-term:

(A) Job for Ricky's Mom. The first long-term solution is through helping Ricky's mother, Michelle, find a permanent job. The family lives in East Los Angeles. Michelle has experience in cashier work for both retail stores and supermarkets. We have spoken to her and she is able and willing to have permanent employment. Michelle has also informed us that her employment will not affect the disability benefits that the family receives. Please email any good job leads in East Los Angeles or the surrounding area to us. If this works out, this would have an immediate and long term benefit to the family.

(B) Trust Fund/Foundation for Ricky/Rosas Family. We are looking into this. While many people said it would be a good idea, before we proceed, we'd like to get an idea of what "real" amounts of participation we are talking about. If you are interested in taking part in this, please email us with your name, email contact info, and amount you're thinking of pledging. Once we have a better handle of what kinds of amounts we're talking about, and based on that, determine if/how that might affect any disability benefits the family is receiving (earnings above a certain amount per month could cause the disability benefits to stop), we will better know how to proceed on this, and what would make the most sense for the family.

We look forward to your participation in this wonderful cause. Please direct any questions to LQ Singian (of WeAreSC), LABIGBOI (of, or Clayton DeLeon (of at:

Thank you, Happy Holidays, and Fight on!,, and

* Note that we have been in discussions with the Rosas Family as to what the family needs, as well as what sizes of bed, sofa, etc. would be most appropriate, given space considerations. If you plan on bringing by any of the larger-sized items, please email us in advance so we can coordinate so that 50 sofas aren't dropped off/goods don't get turned away.

** Sports Arena officials have informed us that you should not be charged parking fees if you just drop off merchandise and goods.

*** Those of you who want to mail in checks or gift cards for the Drive can mail them to: Ricky Rosas c/o LQ Singian, Trojan Sports Publishing, LLC, 3943 Irvine Blvd., Suite 109, Irvine, CA 92602. Top Stories