Quoting Carroll: Friday Practice

Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Friday's practice to get the coaches thoughts on Fred Davis winning the Mackey Award, Keith Rivers' ankle and much more.

Pete Carroll on Fred Davis winning the Mackey Award:

"We started the day out recognizing Freddy's (Davis) award that he got. It's amazing to get that kind of recognition for one of your guys. That's a team deal. A lot had to go into that, a lot of great playing and a lot of winning. Freddy had a fantastic season and to get recognized as the Mackey Award Winner is really very cool."

Pete Carroll on the week of practice:

"We had a very good spirited day today. This was a good competition day today. Tomorrow is a turnover emphasis day for us and we are going to go right to work and do the things that we normally do. This will be like a Tuesday, Wednesday for us with a little bit of emphasis of course on the young guys. You can feel there is an excitement about it. Mark (Sanchez) is out there and Mitch (Mustain) is out there and Aaron Corp is running this offense. You can kind of feel the connection to the future this first week of work."

Pete Carroll on the young players getting extra work:

"This is what this time is for. Everybody that's got a battle at their position is going to get a look. For the first semester freshman this is a great chance for them. Guys like DaJohn Harris and Michael Reardon those guys that have been battling from the other end of it are getting a good look. So this is what this time is about and we have a lot of fun during these practices."

Pete Carroll on the play of Kaluka Maiava:

"He's played very well. He's played really good solid football. Two weeks ago when he started he did a very good job for Keith (Rivers) and came back again this last game and played real solid."

Pete Carroll on Fred Davis:

"There was a longtime here where Freddy was trying to find his way and stay out of trouble with the coaching staff but he has worked really hard academically and his grades have turned around. He had a very good last year and he just had a fantastic year this year."

Pete Carroll on Keith Rivers' ankle:

"He will be alright but this is the time to get him good rest. He will get two weeks of rest right now and it's been an ankle that has bothered him the whole time."

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