Quoting Carroll: Saturday Practice

Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Saturday's practice to get the coaches thoughts on a variety of topics. Hear what Pete Carroll has to say about Saturday's practice, Illinois and hitting the recruiting trail.

Pete Carroll on Friday and Saturday's practices:

"We had two really good days. Everything worked out terrific. You could tell that the guys really have their legs under them. The rest did them well and the practices were excellent."

Pete Carroll on the young players that have stood out:

"We have been throwing guys in and playing with the first team. Rojo (Ronald Johnson) has had some reps with the first group, more than he has had and he just kind of jumps out and Malcolm (Smith) jumps out at you. It's interesting to see these guys take advantage of their opportunities. Alex Parson looks like a different guy out here. They know that this is an opportunity for them and they are really going after it."

Pete Carroll on the play of the young quarterback's:

"They are doing well. John David (Booty) had a class this morning so he missed today anyway and I know they can't help but feel like the competition is underway. This is great stuff, great stuff."

Pete Carroll on Illinois:

"Offensively they are very much like Oregon, same approach and principles. A big, good running back and a really fast mobile quarterback and good, big receiver. Defensively they are really solid. A really sound technique defensive team, they mix coverage's real well. They are really good and really well coached. They are a confident team. They played really tough against Ohio State in a great match up. It was a tight game and they stayed with them and just played beautifully down the stretch."

Pete Carroll on hitting the recruiting trail:

"We are hitting the road, we're rolling. This is a big recruiting opportunity time for us again. We're rocking and rolling. We will be all over the place next week."

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