Quoting Carroll: Friday Practice

The Trojans returned to practice on Friday to prepare for the Rose Bowl. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice to get his thoughts on Ron Zook, Illinois and much more.

Pete Carroll on Friday's practice:

"We got back at it. We had good work today. You can just tell the intensity is really there because the guys feel so good because their legs are so fresh compared to how they normally practice. We just have to keep stacking them up one after another to get us ready. We are going to have a good practice tomorrow and then a scrimmage on Sunday. Then we will take a little break again and then we will come back and really get after it. Every single day is important for us."

Pete Carroll on preparing for Illinois:

"We are working hard on them now. We don't really hand out the game plan to the guys until we come back after these three days but we are working on stuff. We are working on their offense and their defense in our periods now. We are deep into evaluating them and seeing how our stuff works and what we like. We are also teaching our guys how to play their offense and their defense, the service teams."

Pete Carroll on Ron Zook's success as a recruiter:

"Their recruiting has been obviously right on the mark. They have hit it with some guys because they have young guys that are playing and playing really well. They have pulled in some national recruits and done really well. Not just in the Chicago area, they have gone outside of that area to get some guys. He is a really hard worker. He has a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy towards recruiting and it has shown up to have the quarterback and the running back and Arrelious Benn all starring for them."

Pete Carroll on Illinois:

"It's a young talented football team already. They have good schemes and they are really well coached and all that stuff. They have really good personnel."

Pete Carroll on getting the young player's involved:

"We are still looking to work our young guys in here as much as we can. Giving them chances to feel what it is like to practice with the first group with the pressure on them and show what they can do. I love that part of these practices because we always have something to watch and to see. (Brandon) Carswell jumped right out in first period and made a nice grab and gets a chance at the end. Those are really good moments for those guys to battle and to compete."

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