Quoting Carroll: Saturday Practice

The Trojans returned to practice on a beautiful Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice to get the coaches thoughts on Sunday's scrimmage, Keith Rivers and much more.

Pete Carroll on Sunday's scrimmage:

"We are going to do it kind of like we do a fall camp scrimmage. We get a little bit of kicking game stuff and do situations. Make sure that everybody gets a chance to play. We won't get a lot of reps in for any particular guys. We are just going to spread it out and make sure we get to full speed. We are going to practice at full speed and hit and tackle and all that stuff. It's a real important day for a lot of kids."

Pete Carroll on the young players that will get an opportunity to prove themselves on Sunday:

"It's a big opportunity for Damian (Williams) and (Brandon) Carswell, Rhett Ellison, it's important to see what he can do. All of the young offensive linemen, all of those guys, will get a shot. Then on the other side of the ball Christian Tupou has had a terrific couple of weeks here and is really coming on. DaJohn Harris, it's a really big workout for him. Trey Henderson and Will Harris will get a good look tomorrow."

Pete Carroll on the bowl practices:

"It has been like a mini spring football these two segments of five practices that we have had. It's cool to watch this happen."

Pete Carroll on using Aaron Corp to simulate Illinois' Juice Williams:

"He has run all over the place in high school and he's a good runner and has a good sense for running the option and flipping the ball out and all that stuff. We are asking him to scramble when he gets his chances as well. So it's good for him. He hasn't had all the competition down here during the year so it's good to just be around our guys and get banged around."

Pete Carroll on Aaron Corps' progress:

"The spring time for him will be just enormous just getting strong and developing. He will probably develop more physically than most guys would because he is skinny as a rail. It's going to be a really interesting competition when we get back to spring football to see how it all fits together. You can't help at this time but look ahead in that regard and just kind of project guys."

Pete Carroll on Keith Rivers health:

"He feels really good about it and all. We would love to see him practice next week and then he will get the Christmas break and we will come back. It might work out just right. We will be easy on him next week in the terms of the numbers of reps but we would like to get him back out there. We are prepared for him to not be out there though."

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