Tim Floyd's Postgame Quotes

The USC Trojans dominated Deleware State, 83-54, Monday at the Galen Center. Read what USC Head Coach Tim Floyd had to say about OJ Mayo, the blowout win and much more.

Tim Floyd on the Trojans win:

"I thought it was good effort on our part. Overall I am just really pleased with our unselfishness. I thought we really made the extra pass more so than any time this year. The offense didn't die in any one guy's hands."

Tim Floyd on the play of OJ Mayo:

"They played a box-in-one against OJ (Mayo). They double-teamed OJ every time he caught the ball. I thought he played with great poise. Also I thought he was terrific on the ball defensively which got everybody behind him down in a stance and alive and playing with effort."

Tim Floyd on the play of Davon Jefferson:

"Davon's a real talent. We have talked about him on several occasions since he came back in the San Diego game. The play that he made tonight that he didn't make for six games was he caught the ball at the foul line and made a nice extra pass to Hackett in the corner for a three. He's made all the other plays that he has made in every game. He's a great finisher. He's a terrific athlete, can be an exceptional rebounder. He's getting better and I think he's understanding team concepts a lot better and I think he had his best game tonight."

Tim Floyd on getting transition points:

"Fortunately we had eleven or twelve practices and that was one of our biggest points of emphasis, not walking into play. We wanted to accelerate the ball into play. Tonight I think you look at the assists versus turnovers and that shows you that the ball was moving toward the shot. I thought that had a lot to do with OJ (Mayo) and Angelo (Johnson) and Daniel Hackett accelerating into play offensively."

Tim Floyd on the Trojans shooting 68 percent from the field:

"Well I knew we were making a bunch. We were just firing her in from everywhere tonight. Angelo (Johnson), I was glad to see him get his head up offensively and Dwight Lewis make shots. We have always felt like both of those guys were shot makers."

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