Quoting Carroll: Friday Practice

It was a perfect day in Carson as the Trojans continued to prepare for the Rose Bowl at The Home Depot Center. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice to get the coaches thoughts on Patrick Turner, Brian Cushing and much more.

Pete Carroll on the change of scenery for USC:

"The guys are enjoying the changeup that we have here and they are doing what we ask them to do. We are really getting great focus on the work that is at hand and then have a goodtime and enjoy the change of scenery when they can. The whole thing is being cognizant of when it is football time and when it is relax time and these guys are doing a great job. I really trust them and believe they understand and get it."

Pete Carroll on Patrick Turner:

"He's got a bruised quad and he's got some swelling in there that just has to go down and go away. It's very fortunate that we have another week almost before we have to get practicing in the last phase of the planning for this game. So he can take advantage of that and get a chance to get him quieted down and get him back out here. If we bring him back early and it doesn't respond well then we haven't taken advantage of the break time that we have. So we are going to go that way about it and it gives the other guys a chance to go. If he can't make it back we are ready to go without him but we would love to have him."

Pete Carroll on the seniors:

"It's an extraordinary run and these guys have known nothing but championships. I don't even know how to explain it or compare it to other situations or other teams but these guys have been great. I am really fond of this group because of all that we have been through together and I can't imagine playing without these guys. It's a bit of an emotional finish for them and for all of us. That's good. That's how it should be. It happens that way because it means a lot and we care a lot about it and them. Hopefully we will finish up with one more game and really celebrate the wrap up to their great careers."

Pete Carroll on Brian Cushing:

"He got kneed. They hit knee to knee and he took it on the inside and he has a bruise there already. His knee is perfectly stable and all of that. He just has a bruise and probably be a little bit of swelling that he will have to overcome and probably will be pretty sore tomorrow but there's not a structural thing it doesn't look like at all."

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