Quoting Carroll: Saturday Practice

The Trojans held their last practice before taking a few days off for Christmas. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll to get the coaches thoughts on Brian Cushing, Sedrick Ellis and much more.

Pete Carroll on the week of practice:

"This was an end of this phase that really takes us into the Rose Bowl sequence. We get into all the festivities and all of that. The game plan is in and we will be tweaking it next week and be trying to really polish things up and get ready to play fast and play with great focus when we get to the ballgame. Everything has worked out quite well, we have missed a few guys on the practice field but other than that things are going well. I would expect to see Patrick (Turner) and Chauncey (Washington) back out there rolling next week when we get back. We saw Cush (Brian Cushing) bounce right back today which was great."

Pete Carroll on Keith Rivers:

"I think Keith (Rivers) has a chance too by that time. He's not going to be 100 percent but he might be well enough to play in that last game. So we will wait and find out when we get there. It's just taking a long time for his ankle to get well. He's played on it all year with it banged up so he is just going to have to do that again."

Pete Carroll on Sedrick Ellis and the defensive line:

"Sedrick(Ellis) has been phenomenal. He has had a great year. He has been really, really consistent. We had one game, the Cal game, where we didn't play the run as well other than that we have played just right on it the whole season. Lawrence (Jackson) and Sedrick (Ellis) and Fili (Moala) have been so consistent and they have helped Kyle (Moore) play up and Everson (Griffen) play up. Look at their numbers, their numbers are excellent and the consistency of it is what I like."

Pete Carroll on Marc Tyler playing the role of Rashard Mendenhall:

"He looks the part. They are the same size and style of running is very similar as well. He's been a great look for us and he's had a very good two weeks here of playing. This has been really beneficial to Marc (Tyler) who had to start slowly because of his injury and all of that but he has picked up and shown a lot. He's going to be right in the middle of the competition next fall."

Pete Carroll on Illinois linebacker J. Leman:

"He's a really good player. I happened to meet him at the Lott Awards and talk to him for a little while. He's a very, very sharp kid. He's a really big time football player."

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